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DumaTau Camp – March 2013

March 4, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails




Water levels along the Linyanti Marsh and Savute Channel rose during the month, submerging some of our roads. The levels are dropping now and we are anticipating a second surge to fill the banks again. 167 mm of rain fell in January, more than double the a mount we received in the same month last year. The bush is beautifully thick and lush but fortunately this has not impacted our game sightings.

We have been very lucky to have the return of some long lost lions in the area. The “Channel Boys”, as they are known, were spotted close to Savuti Camp on two separate occasions. Other lions that have moved back into the area are two males, which we suspect are from the old Savuti Pride, last seen at Dish Pan, as well as two other males on the southern banks of t he Channel. The LTC Pride continues to extend its territory further west and has recently been seen many times around Chobe. The DumaTau Male lion has been spending most of his time around DumaTau Camp and First Corner Bridge, all the way to the Chobe airstrip.

On the leopard front, the DumaTau Male has been sighted mostly along the Savute Channel and was once seen mating. He is still in good shape as he continues to feed well on warthog piglets and the odd baby elephant! The Dish Pan Male is healthy and was seen around his namesake, Dish Pan, hunting. An unknown female was spotted at the old DumaTau site with a baby impala kill. She looked like she may have been pregnant or perhaps nursing so perhaps our wish for leopard cubs will come true!

In terms of wild dog, the LTC Pack is doing well, still maintaining their number of 21 dogs. They have been feeding mostly on impala and the puppies are growing so fast that they can barely be differentiated from the full grown members of the pack were it not for th e constant energy they find to play with one another! They have been sighted a few times this month, spending the majority of their time east of Savuti Camp through the mopane woodland.

Other interesting sightings this month have included that of a secretarybird which was seen building its nest south-east of camp.

We are very excited about our new floating “pontoon fire deck” which we opened in January. It stretches out into the Osprey Lagoon in front of the main area of camp offering superb views acros s the lagoon… just the spot for a sundowner!

Staff in Camp Managers: Gerard, Claire, Lindi and Anja. Guides: Lazi, Mocks, Moses, Name and Tank.