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DumaTau Camp – August 2013

August 5, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails

As the seasons start to take a turn with winter mornings becoming more bearable, the action in the Linyanti continues to be hot and happening!

The area is now very dry, the pans have dried up and only main channels and lagoons still hold water. For game viewing this has been ideal though. The guides have enjoyed showing their guests large herds of elephant and buffalo along the green edges of the water. For camp it has also been an advantage. Lots of animals are making their way through camp to Osprey Lagoon. On some days there are so many elephants coming through camp that walking to your tent or to the main area becomes almost Mission Impossible.


We have had some great sightings this month. One of the most exciting is that of two male cheetah that have moved into the area. While the resident lions are making their way north, we hope that these cheetah will make themselves at home and stay in the Linyanti for a while.

One sighting that jumps to mind as a highlight this month is most certainly that of a lioness stalking a warthog. Ona and his guests had the patience to wait it out and were rewarded with a sighting that most safari-goers dream could only dream about. They witnessed the entire hunt, from the stalk to the kill and the feast thereafter. Well done on the amazing photographs to prove it!


For those of you who enjoy staying busy instead of having a traditional afternoon siesta, the midday boat cruises and catch-and-release fishing have proven to be very productive and popular. The lagoon holds about six species of bream, as well as African pike and catfish. With an option of either spinning or fly-fishing, there is definitely more than enough to keep anyone busy.

The DumaTau Team look forward to the month of July as we have no doubt it is going to be extremely exciting as far as game viewing goes!

There have been some changes in and around camp too – we have set up a volley ball court to be enjoyed by staff, however, if you are visiting us soon and up for a challenge, give us a shout! Beware though, the team has been practising!