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Doro Naws Camp – March 2014

March 3, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape 
January was the month where Mama Nature showed what an unpredictable mistress she can be. We had a few drops of rain during the month, totalling not more than 25-30 mm, but for Doro Nawas this is VERY welcome! The locals in the area were very happy with the rain saying that the goats and sheep are starting to improve, but the cattle are still struggling as they prefer a longer type of grass. Just after the rain we experienced a rough hot spell with temperatures reaching the high 40’s Celsius with 65+ % humidity!

Yes … we know… seems strange that we in the desert can complain about humidity… probably why it hits us so hard. The last week of the month was amazing. Temperatures during the day were hot, reaching the mid to high 30’s, but cooling down perfectly at night with temperatures of 12 – 15 degrees Celsius. We still had high winds, but guests enjoyed our rooftop- and bush dinners regardless. January was certainly a month of many seasons!


Elephants, elephants… EVERYWHERE! We have had great luck with our eles, achieving 100% success when looking for the groups. The Rosie Herd was the favourite as they have a small baby of about six to seven months old and a larger calf of just over a year old. The baby was a huge hit and everyone loved him, especially the fact that he has no idea yet what ‘that’ thing is on the front of his face! He looks like a baby clapping hands with no hand-eye co-ordination! The little one also had a very playful day with his larger sister. She was lying down having a nice rest, when baby brother came strolling over and started climbing all over her! The guests watching were awe-struck by the comfortable, playful nature of the elephants, even with people in the vicinity. Nature is so rewarding! Other animal sightings included the usual antelope like oryx, springbok and steenbok.

Johan almost stepped on a South African fattail scorpion (a very venomous species) at the back of the kitchen! He caught it, took the UV light and had a great time showing and explaining to guests what they were seeing. Who said you couldn’t have a neon party in the bush?! The scorpion even performed a bit by scraping its stinger over its back making the rattling sound it is so well known for.

Birds and Birding 
We saw quite a few good bird sightings, including the African red-eyed bulbul, olive bee-eater and a very odd looking lappet-faced vulture.

Camp News 
Our waiters are improving their service – even in the kitchen, with Irene learning and helping to bake muffins. Congratulations to Sanna, our Chef for getting so many compliments throughout the month on her marinated game steak. Well done! Well done too, to Chef Judy, almost all our female guests wanted to know her secret recipe for the rusks. Yum!

We have revamped our curio shop and reception slightly.

We also officially welcome our new Housekeeping Manager – Patricia. Great to have you!

Finally, we’re delighted to announce that the airstrip waiting area and toilets are complete.

Guest Comments 
“Fantastic service from the moment Fiona met us on the steps. Nothing was too much bother and we were surrounded by happy smiling faces throughout our stay.”
“Sleeping outside / showering outside.” “Loved the room’s laundry and food service.”
“The genuineness of the staff, always being prepared to offer assistance. The design of the main lodge, the spaciousness of the rooms. I have stayed extensively in South Africa , Botswana and now Namibia ; this has been the best lodge of them all!”
“The special dinner under the stars.”
“Excellent service, Good food. Will stay here again.”
Staff in Camp
Managers: Agnes, Fritz, Mari-Nella and Johan 
Guides: Richardt, Reinhold, Mwezi and Abner