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Desert Rhino Camp

June 11, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Climate and Landscape 
As summer draws to a close we have recorded less rainfall than in March. However we were still blessed with a couple of refreshing showers which came down in force, blowing from all directions, and giving guests a mid-drive shower to cool off. Less rain also meant hotter weather with highs of up to 46° Celsius but thankfully the gusty afternoon winds swept in and provided relief from the baking afternoon sun.

This month, the zebra were still out in force – very close to camp and in large quantities. There were great close-up views of playful zebra, springbok and gemsbok (oryx). 


With the rains, the plentiful food means that the number of carcasses this month was very high and guests had the privilege of seeing many spotted hyaena feeding. The predator activity means that our skies are filled with circling vultures as they patiently wait for their opportunity to feast.

In the later stages of the month, lions reappeared in Zone 1, including a pregnant female. We think the pride consists of two young males, two young females and the older, pregnant female. It seems that Zone 1 was the place to be in April as elephants also returned to the area. Two separate groups joined together to form a large herd of around 25 elephants.

Our expert guides were able to show some lucky guests a leopard kill that had been dragged along the ground and up into a tree. For the second month running, our trackers, spending hours in the blazing sun, gave guests a rhino experience every day. We have new female rhino in the area – we believe that they are previous calves returning to the area of their upbringing.

Camp Activities 
A very late cancellation meant that dinner was going spare. This created a role reversal with a few lucky staff on duty treated to the evening’s meal served by the managers. The immaculate service provided a demonstration of how it feels to be served at their own top level.

We welcome Johannes to the DRC team as our new head chef and congratulate Staintley, who this month heads into the emerging guide programme at Serra Cafema. Tamite is also now part of the team for the first leg of his programme. Ben, our volunteer, ends his three-month journey this month. His six weeks at DRC are finished and he heads off to Botswana.