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Desert Rhino Camp – March 2014

March 3, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape 
Mother Nature was on our side this year, bringing us our rains early, though they only lasted two days, bringing a total of 30 mm. However, within the week a tinge of green could be seen over the landscape and the animals started gathering, with more than 300 springbok counted in a herd. The changes do not last long in the desert so at the moment we are really enjoying this beautiful opportunity to see the desert flourish!

The Palmwag Concession is a unique semi-desert and among the most beautiful areas in Namibia . We have a very special relationship with Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (SRT-N), giving guests the chance to track endangered desert-adapted black rhino in the spectacular landscapes of Damaraland. We make a donation to the SRT-N for every guest who stays with us at Desert Rhino Camp.


And the black rhino are not the only wildlife in this this remote area; guest also have the chance to see many other animals and birds including desert-adapted elephant, lion and giraffe, to name just a few. The Hartmann’s mountain zebra is endemic to the north-west of Namibia , also specially adapted to enable it to survive in the harsh climate and surroundings.

Birds and Birding 
Endemics that we saw over the month include the always exciting bokmakierie and Rüppell’s korhaan.
Guest comments 
“We loved the dinner under the night sky and stars, also tracking rhinos in the territory.”
“I loved the service, everybody is genuine and down to earth. The rooms were wonderful and so comfortable and we loved the bedtime stories!’
“The food and the staff were awesome, especially the staff singing entertainment for dinner and the gift of the Wilderness Safaris shirt. Thanks so much!”
Staff in Camp 
Clement joined us this month from Little Kulala and it’s good to have some of the old family back at camp! He should complete his management training by February and fit right in here amongst the red rocks of Damaraland