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Cyclone Idai: a Humble Request on Earth Day

April 22, 2019 Southern Africa Bush Tails

As some of you may have seen in the news, today is Earth Day. For nearly 50 years, this annual event is celebrated for the singular purpose of environmental protection. At AAC, our years in the African Safari industry have yielded close ties with many of the continent’s leading conservationists. Tourism is a vital way to facilitate their laudatory efforts in both the protection of animal species and the continued collaboration with local communities.

In times of crisis, however, achieving these two goals in tandem becomes even more challenging.

Cyclone Idai made landfalls in Mozambique on both March 4th and March 15th, the second of which featured frequently on international headlines. Idai wrought immense destruction through strong winds and severe flooding to not only Mozambique, but also the bordering countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi. International aid was swift in response with supplies of food and vaccinations; the latter was instrumental in averting a massive outbreak of cholera.

However, more needs to be done. The World Bank estimates that Idai will cause nearly $800 million worth of damage, but the United Nations emergency fund is not even $300 million. Countless died in the immediate wake of the cyclone, but many more Mozambicans, Zimbabweans and Malawians will be remain in duress. The storm destroyed much of region’s agricultural sector only several weeks before harvest time. Not only will this destroy their livelihoods, an acute food shortage is anticipated throughout the region.

We are in contact with two sets of agencies that we trust are capable of immediate impact on the ground in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

  • In Eastern Zimbabwe, Miracle Missions and Highlands Presbyterian are working tirelessly to distribute donated goods and medicine supplies for the residents of Mutare, the region’s largest city. For more information, please visit Miracle Mission Harare’s Facebook page and/or their gofundme page at
  • In Mozambique, African Parks direct operations, and for the past month, they have mobilized many of their staff and resources (helicopters, boats and vehicles) to assist the areas along the Buzi River near the Mozambican city of Beira plus Gorongosa. As the cyclone’s hardest hit area, this part of the country is in particular need of such rescue resources; please click to Make a Donation to provide urgently needed funds.


If you have a different agency in mind, please do not hesitate to donate there instead. Any and all help is appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.