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Clients Trip Reports – January – March 2016 (East Africa)

February 16, 2016 Client Trip Reports

Premier Tanzania Safari featuring Asilia Safari Camps

Greetings Mark and Szilvia,

I wanted to thank Africa Adventure Company for putting together the most fabulous journey for my family. I know I sound cliche….but it really was the trip of a lifetime for all of us! All four of us have traveled quite extensively so pretty amazing that each of us felt this was their number one experience. Everything ran like clockwork, absolutely no glitches. The transport, accommodations, meals were all spot on and much more than we expected. I have to say what MADE our trip was John Bingo, our guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable (an avid “birder” like all of us), enthusiastic, personable, excellent communicator and teacher. I not sure how you matched John Bingo with me, Nani, Lucas, and Stephanie, but I can tell you we were a perfect team! The staff at the the Kimondo Camp and Namiri Plains were soooo kind and hospitable, definitely right up there as a highlight of our trip. Lucas studied a little Swahili before our trip so that added to our experience with the staff…..I’m writing to you at 4am…that’s how excited I am about letting you know how much we appreciate Africa Adventure Company.


Thank you again, Mahalo and Aloha,

Jill Loui, March 2016


Migration Private Safari to Tanzania

 Dear Szilvia, Hillary, and The Africa Adventure Company,

We wanted to write you about how much we enjoyed our trip to Tanzania! We both wanted a good trip because our 2 sons and daughter-in-law were with us. The five of us didn’t have a good trip — we had a fantastic trip!

Szilvia, you had everything so organized for us, from the time we landed until we left. The Arusha Coffee Lodge made that first night very special and it was great for us as a day lodge before our long trip home.

We couldn’t have had a better guide than Hillary Mandia! He found so many birds and animals and could tell us facts and interesting stories. He was smart, patient, kind, fun, and very attentive. He made sure our trip was great! We felt privileged to have met him!

We were very pleased with the three lodges where we stayed (Tarangire Treetops, Ngorongoro Sopa and Pioneer Camp). Each was so different and interesting and our food was very good. The managers and staff were courteous and did all they could to keep us comfortable and happy. We enjoyed their “programs”, too.

While the scenery and game viewing in the parks were the top priority, we also wanted our next generation to get a taste of Tanzania itself. Szilvia’s selections, the Leaky excavations site at Olduvai, the lunch at Gibbs Farm, visit to the Maasai Village, and opportunity to bring our bin of school supplies and soccer balls to the children at Karatu Primary School did just that. We found Tanzanians to be very happy and friendly.

We very much appreciate AAC’s policies supporting African communities, conservations projects, and support of the local guides. After our wonderful experience with Hillary we chose to take advantage of the AAC offer to match our contribution for an educational scholarship for his youngest daughter. Due to logistics our other bin of school supplies and soccer balls were taken to an orphanage for disabled children that Hillary and his family support.

Szilvia and Hillary, thank you both for the wonderful memories you have given us and our family. We won’t ever forget this very special trip and the people involved in making it that way!


Lee and Carla Jeffrey, Feb 2016


Private Great Plains Safari to Tanzania

Thank you, Lynne. I did give Ephata hugs from all of you as you requested! He is such a terrific guide. We had so much fun with him, especially seeing the countryside with him.

Highlights ~

– We loved watching the Maasai going about their lives and driving through the villages along our way.

– We had the entire Manyara Ranch Camp to ourselves! It was fabulous, although the game was scattered due to the rains. Allan, the manager was very pleasant and welcoming, the staff was wonderful, the food almost gourmet!

– The Serengeti Explorer Camp – The tents were wonderful, the game in the area was fantastic, and the staff always did their very best to please us. We had quite a bit of rain, but still truly enjoyed it. I remembered Jonas from 2 years ago. He has really matured and did a fine job taking care of us. I believe the manager, Jackson, was gone due to a family emergency and only arrived the day before we left.

– Thank you for the Amarula–we enjoyed every last drop!!!

– Ngorongoro was such an experience. We saw 9 different rhinos! We did not like all the vehicles at sightings, but we realize that is part of the experience. It poured down rain in the morning, but cleared somewhat for the afternoon. We were the first ones in and the last ones out that day! We saw a wonderful confrontation between a pride of lions and a herd of buffalo. Quite entrancing!!

– Lemala Camp was excellent. It was so close to the Crater and the service was perfect! We had a person, Major, assigned to take care of us and that he did! No one could have done more for us!.. We really respect the Masai men who escorted us to and from the tent. They were warm and friendly to us at all times.


Overall, we had a great time. The weather was a little too rainy to offer great conditions for photography, but we still managed to get some pretty good photographs. We truly enjoyed driving the countryside and getting to know Ephata better. We loved standing amidst the hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and we so enjoyed watching the newborn calves trying to stand up, then having to run with mama so quickly! We saw a stillbirth and saw many calves that had just been born minutes before we arrived. We saw a cheetah attempt a kill, which we had always wanted to see. The Serengeti is something everyone should see! Now we look forward to July when we head to Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Thanks for doing a fabulous job for us, Lynne. We appreciate everything you and your staff do for us.
Darlene Knott, Feb 2016


Private Tanzanian Safari to Manyara Ranch Conservancy, Ngorongoro and Serengeti

Our trip to Tanzania was fantastic! We would all like to thank you for planning this dream vacation. All the materials you sent were perfect, we all felt very informed and packed the perfect amount. Thanks also for being so patient with all our last minute phone calls, everyone was very excited to “get this party started”

Our guides Emmanuel Mkenda and Davis Matafu were exceptional! We felt we had really hit the jackpot with these two. They were an encyclopedia of information, fun to be with, professional, patient with ALL our questions… (do female wildebeest not have beards?) and it was a joy to watch them work together and help the other guides. They went above and beyond to find what we were looking for and even making sure the jeep was parked in the perfect spot for the best photo. Everyday was an adventure and everyday we learned and saw so much more. They were genuinely excited for us to see everything we “found” They were amazing and we were very sad to see them go as they waved goodbye on the tarmac.

I loved the way our trip was organized and each camp/lodge was so very special in it’s own way. However, I do think part of our group would like to have stayed at the crater lodge the entire trip :} just kidding…

Arusha Coffee Lodge was a lovely place to land. We had a very nice dinner and people said… “why can’t we just stay here?”

Manyara Ranch is a jewel. We enjoyed meeting Alan and felt very special to have Charles Foley and Jon (mammal Celebrities! We loved having the Maasai warrior join us on our game drives. We got stuck in the mud and that was a hoot watching everyone pitch in! We were in good hands with Mkenda and Davis. We didn’t see elephant, lion, cheetah or leopard at the Manyara Ranch which made going to the crater all the more exciting. We also loved the night game drive and the early morning walk with Allen.

Everyone loved Gibbs Farm-BEAUTIFUL and delicious lunch.

Ngorongoro Crater was amazing and the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge was a rose petal dream. The staff were all so very accommodating and we loved every minute of it. The special lunch down in the crater was a fantastic unexpected surprise.


Our entire group was thrilled to enjoy and see the culture. We stopped unexpectedly at a school on our way to the crater. The children were adorable. We gave them a soccer ball and pump and they were very appreciative. We also enjoyed our planned stop at the Maasai village. Everyone had something for the children and we were all pretty amazed to how they live. The hard sell for jewelry at the end was quite the eye opener as well :} We all came home with bracelets :} It was also great to see Davis interact with all the Maasai. He taught us a lot about their culture and traditions.

I’m glad we did the balloon ride. I had never done a balloon ride before so it was so very peaceful and fun to see the animals from high in the sky. But I have to add, the best part was when our balloon caught a baby zebra under its fabric as we landed. Everyone pitched in to raise the balloon and the baby escaped unharmed…you just can’t make this stuff up!

Our game drives in the Serengeti were phenomenal thanks to Mkenda and Davis. They would say, “what would you like to see today” and our wish was their command. We saw a cheetah make a kill, mating lions, lots of lions in trees…I could go on and on. I’m so glad we have 2000 pictures to remember all the wonderful things we saw.


The Serengeti Explorer Camp was also very nice. Venus worked very hard to accommodate. I also enjoyed eating with Mkenda and Davis. I’m sure they would have enjoyed a break from all our questions, but it gave us a little more time to soak up their wisdom and experiences.

Lake Duluti Lodge was the cherry on top. Delicious lunch and a very welcomed shower and nap. Perfect!

My group would always “cheers to Grace” at dinner thanking me for planning this fantastic trip but I know ALL the praise goes to Africa Adventure, Mkenda and Davis. YOU ROCK!

Grace O’Brien, Feb 2016


AAC Signature Group Safari – Primate & Plains Safari to Uganda & Rwanda


It was a great trip!

We saw plenty of chimps at Kibale on my 2 walks. I would say some were within 5 feet. Kyaninga Lodge was very nice, food very good and the staff helpful. Only downside about a one hour drive to Kibale (and a very early departure because my 2 travel mates were doing the chimp experience). Maybe 50 people on the morning walk, broken into groups of about 8. Afternoon walk 2 people.


On the way to Mweya Lodge and Queen Elizabeth National Park we followed an elephant for about 10 minutes who was walking on the road. The following morning leaving the Lodge at 6:30 we saw a leopard on the road who then chased another leopard up a tree!…

Ishasha Wilderness Camp was really nice, sleeping there so nice with the river flowing by and seeing elephants and Cape buffalo about 20 feet away right outside the tent. We saw a lot of Ugandan kob, some topi and waterbuck. And we saw another leopard late in the afternoon. Food at the camp was very good and staff was good.

On our way out to Bwindi, Sula heard from another driver about lions in trees so we headed north and did see 3 lions in a tree a fairly good distance away so I was glad I brought my binoculars.

The 2 gorilla treks in Bwindi went very well. The first group was Mubare about 45 minutes in, one hour viewing, 15 minutes back. Forget the 7 meter rule, some gorillas walked by us about one foot away. I took the community walk that afternoon. The second group was Rushegura about 1 hour in, 1 hour viewing and 45 minutes back. Both treks involved crossing 2 streams, elevation changes – not very much.

The 2nd trek did involve going a near vertical slope of about 15 to 20 feet, but I had plenty of help. 7 people to Mubare and 5 to Rushegura. Gorilla Forest Camp also very nice, good food, nice staff.

Onto to Rwanda: border crossing went fine – police check, health check, leave Uganda, enter Rwanda. Money changers were at the border. Then to Jack Hanna’s cottage which was a very nice place. Early morning rise to go to Volcanoes National Park. We went to see the Hirwa group. About 1 hr. 15 min. in, 1 hour with the gorillas, 45 minutes back. We were going up a gentle rise almost all the way to the gorillas, through a bamboo forest then we hit the vegetation where the going slowed down. One place again a near vertical 15 foot up slope, but had plenty of help. Hard breathing for me at about 8800 ft. above sea level. The trail started about 8200 ft. Our guide said this was am easy trek as the gorillas had come down the mountain. This group was pretty frisky. Daryl was tapped several times he thinks by the same gorilla. And a gorilla tapped me on the leg when I took a step back not knowing he or she was there. I saw the silverbacks on all 3 treks, 1 per group. There were some one month old babies also.

A unique safari being able to walk to see the wildlife and being able to get so close to the gorillas. We were anywhere from 4 to 10 feet away from the silverbacks and other gorillas would walk by us, less than a foot away. Not like your usual driving safari.

The guides, trackers and porters on the treks were great, always very helpful, determined to give us the best views possible of the gorillas and the gorillas seemed hardly to pay any attention to us. We saw 4 of the big 5, only missing the black rhino. On the whole, a wonderful experience. I am glad I went.

John Sedlak, Feb 2016


Private Migration Safari to Tanzania

During our Tanzanian safari in February, we followed the great migration. My husband chose The Africa Adventure Travel Company because they are US based and we did not want to wire money to an African Country. We felt more comfortable with the planning from this side of the world. I cannot say enough good things about this decision. They were thorough, very attentive to our wishes, and great at guiding us onto the right path in this unknown land. We had our itinerary in a timely manner. They send us books for reference. We had packing lists for clothing, bags, camera, etc. Once we completed the trip, I can say that the lists were on point. We needed nothing more and nothing less than what they specified. Once we settled with a company we felt comfortable with, we did no further research into what we needed. Their package not only included lists of items for travel, but also books and movies as a pre-trip education. Their recommendations for visas and travel expectation were very accurate.

– We were met at the gate by an AAC representative who expedited customs and visas. He then escorted us to our car and driver. We drove to Arusha Coffee House where we relaxed and recovered for 1 night. Our meals were included. Ambiance was charming, luxurious and clean. A great start to our trip.

– Hillary, our driver-guide for the entire safari picked us up the next morning.

– We drove to Tarangrie Park where we got to see tons of elephants, giraffes, birds, zebras, wildebeests, lions, etc.

– We stayed 2 nights at the Tarangrie Treehouse Lodge – great ambiance, open room up in the trees, comfortable and clean bed and bathroom, impeccable grounds, polite and helpful staff, managers, and butlers. The food was good and plentiful.

– We left this park and drove to Lake Manyara. We stopped at a Masaai village where we mingled with the tribe folks, asked questions, sat in a hut, bought some trinkets. – must bargain and/or walk away, but great trinkets. Only certain villages allow tourists so some people fear that this is a touristy place. It’s a basic village made up of cow poop huts. They live very simple lives and it’s hard to make this touristy. We loved it.

– In Lake Manyara we saw tons of elephants, baboons, flamingoes, giraffes, lions, zebras, hippos, buffalo, wildebeests. We stayed one night at Lake Manyara Tree Top Lodge. All I can say is Wow!! Luxurious room, hot and pressurized outdoor shower, amazing food, impeccable service, friendly staff, beautiful location and grounds. Beware of the bush babies that scream all night outside you open air room. Wish we stayed here an extra night.

– Next we drove to Karatu where we visited the FAME medical clinic – impressive. My husband and I are considering returning to volunteer at this amazing facility. We also drove through the village which was a great experience.

– We arrived at Ngorongoro Crater where we stayed at the Serena Lodge for 2 nights. The location and views from our room were stunning. The room was basic, clean, comfortable. The meals were combo buffet/a la carte and felt a bit herdish with all the tourists. The food was good. There was nightly entertainment.

– The crater experience was great – tons of baby animals from baby hippos, lion cubs, warthog babies, zebra toddlers, elephant babies nursing, to wildebeests giving birth in front of our car. This is the most vehicles we ever saw on our trip, and they were at most 10-15 cars ever at one point. And that was once or twice. The views are amazing, the animals are spectacular, and the drive is overall fantastic.

– We arrived in the Serengeti after finding cheetahs, lions in trees, tons of birds, and migrating wildebeests and zebras. Here we stayed at the Pioneer Camp for two nights. Again WOW. Breathtaking views from the lobby, our tent camp gave new meaning to “Glamping.” Service, people, food, amenities, were all spectacular. We had laundry service which took care of all clothing items. Every need was met plus more. A jewel in the middle of the Serengeti.

– Our game drives were full of animals and wonderful scenes. Yes we got to see all the key animals, various stunning birds, breathtaking scenery, and we had picnics in the bush.

– Then we drove to Migration Camp in northern Serengeti where once again we were welcomed in luxury and style for 2 nights. Our room was located in front of the hippo pool, at night we had a romantic dinner on the sunset deck, and we had drinks and danced while the soul of the Serengeti sunset unfolded before us. Again, the staff, amenities, food, picnics, people, and surroundings were stunning…We did a walking safari to the hippo pool and this is a must…

– Hillary our driver and guide was bar none. Incredible driving skills through rough terrain, rivers, mud, silt, pot holes, divers, grass, etc. His ability to spot wildlife was uncanny. We had the best views, got the best picks, and learned intriguing facts about various animals and wildlife. He spotted tons of birds and made bird watching fun. We even got quizzed on various species at the end. He is a kind and generous person who truly loves his country and what he does. He was full of energy, facts, and local history. We were so glad to have one person as our guide the emote trip. We felt safe and well cared for. Cannot say enough great things about Hillary.

We will definitely come back and bring the kids. Thank you to everyone who took care of us, who helped with the planning of the trip, who ensured our safety, and who spoiled us rotten on the Amazing African Adventure. Cheers to a great team!!!

Ana-Maria and John Temple, Feb 2016


Birthday Celebration Safari to Tanzania

Hi Szilvia,

Here’s what made out safari an epic adventure that will never be matched anywhere:


– Your patience and consistent responsiveness over the 2 months it took me to decide what felt “right”

– Your willingness to provide options, as well as your advice on what choices were best for us

– Your company’s outstanding pre-trip materials (book, map, proposals, and especially the Journal) as well as all lists and recommendations. Even our guide admired the planning map, asking where we got it.

MOHAMED RASHID, our guide:

– We cannot imagine a better guide. His vision is probably 20/10 and he was so generous with his knowledge, answering endless questions. His English is amazing and he was so easy to understand. He is a delightful person, and he shared his personal history and the customs of his culture. We feel incredibly fortunate and privileged to have met him.


– We saw every animal and bird that was possible. I told you we wanted babies, and we got plenty, including a giraffe and wildebeest with the umbilical cords still hanging, and 3 cheetah cubs about one month old. We also saw a cheetah take a gazelle, which I thought would be awful, but it was exciting. I know it is a survival issue, but it also showed us graphically how life can end in a moment.

LODGING AND STAFF – the entire staff everywhere was wonderful!

Tarangire River Camp – The new managers, Cliff and Lucy, are fabulous, and upgraded us to a gorgeous river view – great location. On Bill’s birthday, the Maasai security team came out singing, stomping and clapping with a cake – everyone loved it.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge – You were right: best possible location and view and fine for our needs. Kind of like a Sheraton on another planet.

Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp – such a super surprise to be on Lake Masek. Jackson and his staff are fantastic.

Namiri Plains – the most luxurious and the best food, but we missed Mohammed so much. (This is where we scored the three cheetah cubs and also saw our only leopard.)

LUCK: We had blue skies daily. Mohammed said February was the best possible time to visit, but he had been concerned when there was unseasonable rain shortly before we arrived.

Although at first it was all about the animals, within a few days my thoughts encompassed patience, gratitude, cooperation, peaceful co-existence, courage and simplicity. I understand now that “life-changing experience” is not a cliché in regards to Africa.

Please extend our thanks to everyone on your staff who helped to operate this outstanding safari, and especially to Mark, who has clearly earned his stellar reputation.

Warm wishes,

Marjie Wells, Feb 2016


Group Explorer Safari to Tanzania including Lake Eyasi and the Serengeti

This was a very exciting and memorial trip and rates as one of our most favorite places we have visited. We must compliment you on your partnership with your ground operator, their drivers, camps and facilities. The trip exceeded our expectations both from the standpoint of all the pre-trip materials provided, the answers to all of our questions prior to leaving, the helpful guides as to what to bring and wear, and the summaries of each of the camp locations.

Our guide, Cosmas-Manangi, was excellent. He was attentive, professional, knowledgeable and all around a great team player working with the other guides so that every chance to see animals in actions was made possible. He was the first in line whenever a land rover got stuck in the mud and needed to be pulled out, or when a water truck broke down and blocked everyone from going forward, making sure that it was moved away so we could get through.

His ability to drive and spot wildlife was amazing. We never returned to camp after a day’s outing thinking that we had missed something. We were one of the lucky travelers that upon returning to our home, can brag that we were able to see all of the Big Five and so many other animals, besides the common, giraffes, baboons, zebras, wildebeest, impalas, various birds and lizards.


Each camp site had its own ambiance, and we enjoyed them all. The staff, the facilities, the food and the service was excellent. The last camp site was even more memorable because we could hear the lions and the hyenas walking around our tents, but still felt very safe.

The African Safari Journal and Field Guide was a real plus! Reviewing it before leaving on the trip gave us a good idea of what we would be seeing and then while on the Safari it was a good reference. Now that we are home we are using it again as a reference to properly identify and label our pictures. Our guide was so impressed with it, and since we had two copies, we left one with him.

All of your correspondence, contacts and follow-up material with us prior to leaving for the trip was a real plus. Everything went like clockwork. We would highly suggest that those traveling from the USA to Tanzania really plan a one day early arrival to help with the long flight and to see Arusha. For us it allowed Liz and me to meet friends of ours who are running a Massai School about 5 miles from the airport.


George and Elisabeth Williams, Feb 2016


Chimp and Gorilla Explorer Safari to Rwanda


Wow! Such a fabulous trip.  We were very well taken care of throughout our 2 weeks.  Thank you for your excellent planning!  Overall we had a great experience…

The Giraffe Manor was unbelievable – having the giraffes come to our window in the morning and then poke their heads in at breakfast was incredible.  The Manor itself is beautiful and the service and food were really good.  But there is not a lot do aside from interacting with the giraffes a few times a day.  The Karen Blixen Museum was nice and we enjoyed the elephant nursery but those two activities took only half a day. The guide and driver in Nairobi were excellent.

Onto Rwanda. We were met and driven to The Kigali Serena Hotel which was a really nice hotel — nicer than I was expecting. Food, Service and rooms were all great.  The next day, Sam, our driver (who was EXCELLENT!) drove us to Nyungwe Forest Lodge. The visit to the King’s Palace and the museum along the way was fine…  The Nyungwe Forest Lodge is stunning – beautiful architecture and grounds…

The drive to Lake Kivu was a mixed experience.  The road was in horrible shape but we did get to see the spectacular scenery. Rwanda is an incredibly beautiful country.  And it was wonderful to see all the people walking along the side of the road – many of them carrying heavy loads on their heads…

…Trekking to see the gorillas and staying at the Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge was the BEST part of the trip!  I have nothing but glowing praise for the Lodge and the experiences trekking to see the Golden Monkeys and the glorious gorillas.  Amazing to be able to get so close to these animals! We were blown away by the experience. The managers at the lodge were a lovely couple who were so welcoming.
Everything worked perfectly and the food was excellent.  The only negative here was getting from the parking lot up to the hotel (especially given the altitude and after a day of trekking). Otherwise the experience was perfection.


Again, I have to tell you that our driver Sam (don’t know his last name) was outstanding.  Please pass along our praise to him.  He was an excellent driver, answered the endless questions we had about Rwanda, gave us great advice in many situations and somehow arranged for us to get on the treks we wanted.  He went above and beyond in all situations and we feel fortunate to have had him as our driver.

Thanks again Ian.  Who knows we may be in touch again in a few years…I want to go to Botswana!
Skippy Banker, Jan 2016

Tanzanian Honeymoon Safari and Beach Retreat

Dear Alison,

Thank you for coordinating the perfect trip! It truly was wonderful from start to finish. We were thrilled with your decisions, from our guide to the accommodations. We appreciated how each stop on our itinerary was a unique experience and revealed the many sides of beautiful Tanzania. The progression from hotel to tent to farmhouse to tent to beach bungalow was spot on. The food, delicious.The sites, astonishing. Easily one of the best trips we have ever taken.

Highlights were seeing the majestic Baobab trees in the Tarangire, green from the recent rains, the “big five” and many,many other mammals, hundreds of bird species, three adorable lion cubs, a pride of lions devouring an enormous Cape buffalo over three days in the Serengeti, going for a sail on a ngalawa just off Zanzibar, and being treated to a candlelit dinner on the beach by Matemwe Lodge for our last night.


We would especially like to bring attention to our wonderful guide Wilfred. His extensive knowledge of birds, wildlife, botany and the landscape was really impressive and it turned our trip into a rich educational experience. He is responsible driver, great storyteller, has eagle eyes (spotting camouflaged wildlife, far away), passionate, and bright. His respect for the land and wildlife was contagious. We felt our safety was in good hands as well.

We felt very prepared thanks to your guide regarding clothing and tipping and other details — so thank you for that. The staff at each lodge was friendly and attentive.

Thanks again, Alison! We are grateful for the experience and the memories, which will stay with us for always.

Very best,
GillianBostock& Cameron Ewing, Jan 2016


Private Safari to Tanzania’s Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti

First, overall, it was a wonderful trip…

Tanzania is a country I loved.  Somewhere along the line, they have done some wonderful things as a country.  They have a big, diverse country, which is a blessing.  Sometime, someone decided they would have no fences, which was brilliant.  The landscapes, open, vast, beautiful are not marred by anything.  The country, the people and its beauty, and the free movement of the animals has to be extraordinary.

I loved the Maasai people and how they have adapted to modernity, yet retained the essence of their culture.  I know that isn’t pure, and somewhat naive, but they looked pretty content to me.

Overall, what nice people.  They don’t appear to have any hang-ups, and are quite proud of their government.  Somewhere in the past has to be some pretty good government.  I also liked the successful experiment of relocating many tribes to one new community.  I hope this experiment proves to be very successful. I always worry about tribal loyalties getting in the way of cooperation.


I liked very much the approach and pace of the trip.  Two days at the Coffee Lodge in the beginning was exactly what we needed.  I was really tired and non functioning when we arrived.  and to end at the Coffee Lodge was smart because we left our extra luggage.  By that time, I had filled my suitcase up with purchases.


Safari:  Loved Little Chem Chem.  They are doing it right.  Loved Gibbs Farm, would have liked to have stayed there, but really it wouldn’t work.  Serena Lodge, fine with me…Staying on the western rim was the right thing.  The Crater was something not to miss.  Hardly could believe it.  Coming out of the Crater, a whole herd of Cape Buffalo was walking out of the Crater, and crossed our road.  I couldn’t believe it.


The first mobile camp was a great introduction to tents.  The luxury travelers among us loved it, but when reminded that it was a mobile camp,  was then very appreciated.

Take care, it was a great trip.
Mary Lou Cagle, Jan 2016


Tanzanian Safari, Kilimanjaro Climb and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Mark and Saskia,

I just got returned yesterday from our Africa trip and wanted to touch base with you before I got lost in my life…it was Fabulous !!!…this trip was great!…the same itinerary as before in 2005 and I thought how could it get better…but more animals,superb accommodations and professional personnel…everyone had a great time and we have 20,000 pics to prove it.

So once again Mark, you made me look good…we want to begin planning for another trip in 2018/19.

Paul Holbrook, Jan 2016