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Clients Trip Reports: Jan – Mar 2023

April 4, 2023 Client Trip Reports

East & Southern Africa

Safari to Kenya, Tanzania and Chimp and Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Hello Alison,

Yes! We are back from our amazing adventure! Easily one of the best trips we have ever taken! Africa is such a raw, but wonderful place. We expected to see lots of animals, but never as close as we were able to get to them. We have never taken so many pictures! Not only were the animal encounters incredible, but the people we met along the way were so happy and friendly. It was so inspiring to meet these people who had virtually nothing, but exuded such a happiness about them. We could certainly learn from them!

As far as our guides went, they were ALL extraordinary! Jonathan in Nairobi was so enthusiastic and always smiling. Jackson in Amboseli at Tortilis Camp always knew the exact amount of time to stop for wildlife viewing, and was also very candid about growing up a Maasai. We liked him a lot! Of course, Mkenda was a true professional, and always knew the answer to any question we posed to him. We loved his favorite saying: “This is Africa” when we saw something truly amazing (which was often). And of course, Alex in Rwanda, so passionate about his country, and how far they have come since the genocide. We finally discovered a country that really is for the people!

Concerning the accommodations, some were way beyond our expectations, while some not as much. Tortilis Camp was nice and we enjoyed our time there. Mpingo was a bit over the top, really too hot to enjoy any of it, but a lovely view for sure… And Ewanjan Tented Camp, the most rustic. Wasn’t a big fan of the bucket shower, as I felt bad about asking for extra water so I could wash my hair. Even so, they were more than accommodating to make sure we had anything we needed, and the staff here was extremely friendly. The experience at this camp will most likely be the one we remember the most, as it felt like a true bush experience hearing lions roaring all around you at night.

Ewanjan Tented Camp

Our Rwanda accommodations were mostly incredible. Bisate and One&Only Nyungwe House were way beyond anywhere we have ever stayed. They make you feel like a king and queen. Five plus stars for both!…

Bisate Lodge

One&Only Nyungwe House

This really was a GREAT trip! We are so happy that we finally got to Africa, and now we understand why people always want to return. We hope we can too.

Thank You,
Melanie Corun, Mar 2023


Kwando Botswana Wing Safari

Hi Kyle,

We had a phenomenal trip that exceeded all of our expectations.

It was our first trip to Africa and we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Our apprehension very quickly melted away. We felt looked after by all the guides and appreciated being met in the airports. We loved all the accommodations and camps, especially the Kwando guides and staff.

Katelyn Fletcher, Mar 2023


Safari to Botswana and Victoria Falls Visit

Hi Kyle,

We left Botswana mid-morning today and I just wanted to let you know that our 6 nights there were totally fantastic! Both Rra Dinare and Savute Safari Lodge were excellent choices for so many reasons. Their high levels of service and heartfelt care were just amazing to both of us.

Rra Dinare

Savute Safari Lodge

And – wow, the animals! I’m so glad I didn’t believe all those who told me March wasn’t the right month to go. I think we saw everything but hyenas! I’ll be happy to share details when I have more time… Thanks to you, Yejide and all of your team for your excellent assistance!

Again, big thanks for making this such a memorable trip.

Ellen Hecht, Mar 2023


Plains and Primates Adventure Safari to Kenya and Rwanda


Everything was perfect. All the people you have put into place are the best and it would be such a pain to navigate so many things without the ‘hand holding’. In Kigali, we were the only ones being greeted off the plane with a sign. Brought right up to the passport desk while others got into line. Covid test given to us right there at 1:00am while someone else went to get our luggage. Omar was waiting in front of the airport and we were handed off perfectly and Omar is great.

Gorilla trekking experience far exceeded our expectations. We saw so many and up close. Also, the staff at Amakoro Songa Lodge put our gaiters on for us and upon our return to the lodge, they took them off for us, washed our feet in a bowl of hot water with eucalyptus leaves, and then gave us a foot massage.

Tami Starr, Mar 2023


Highlights of Uganda

Hi Alison,

It was a sensational trip in every respect. We enjoyed every moment. First of all, our guide, Eric is an incredible human being. I can’t say enough about him, his talents, wisdom and commitment to conservation in his country. Erin and I were both blown away. All of the properties we stayed at were delightful, in terms of ambiance, service and overall experience. And the people, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We really felt like we were at home — which is what they all said to us when we checked in. You are home.

As a wildlife destination, I don’t think you can beat it — with the primates plus all the other critters — I am surprised so many still view Uganda as a destination for primates only. I understand the troubled history and what that did to the country’s international image, but things are quite different now. I am proud to report that both Erin and I did two chimp treks and two gorilla treks. Good thing I didn’t wait any longer to experience this. If we had any disappointment(s), it would be the weather in that much of the time quite a bit of burning was going on, particularly noticeable in MF and QENP, no clear skies, challenging light for photography. But none of us has control over this!

Bottom line, the trip couldn’t have been any better. I told Eric that I would like to travel with him again; he has given me his schedule for next summer…

Thanks so much!
Charlotte Bailey, Feb 2023


Exclusive Safari to Tanzania and Kenya


Our trip was wonderful and in terms of sitings it was beyond expectations, definitely better than last year, which was certainly good too. The guides said the super wet weather last year limited what we saw compared to this year. Last year we were not able to go into the Serengeti NP with Mkenda since it was so wet. This year we went twice. Mkenda continued to astound us with his ability to spot wildlife at great distances, just as he did our last trip. His mastery of the area, the roads and sense of direction are uncanny. His enthusiasm is boundless. His demeanor could not be better. We were the first vehicle at excellent sightings more than once.

All of the above applies to Stanley, our guide for Offbeat Mara in the Mara North Conservancy. He had an uncanny ability to predict where the animals would head and appear or reappear when on the move. We were often the first vehicle at sightings and he correctly positioned us to get good photos in the current light over and over again. He clearly understood wildlife photography, the importance of positioning and made many excellent suggestions of what we might want to shoot around us plus what was about to happen behaviorally…

Camp Zebra’s service was good, better than last year. The tents are sufficient. The food was good and they were very flexible with our schedule.

Camp Zebra

Offbeat Mara was superb. The customer service was as good as it gets, the tents were spacious, clean and very nicely furnished. We will probably go back there again. Our sightings there topped the rest of the trip, even Ngorongoro. The drives were not as long except when we went to Mara Triangle. I would recommend the Mara during the migration but feel Mara North is better in February.

Offbeat Mara

AAC did a good job. You were responsive and we will use you again.
Doug Coombs, Feb 2023


Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Mark and AAC Colleagues –

I expect that all of our troupe will chime in agreement with Peggy. From our initial contact with you it felt clear that we have gone to the best outfitter for our trip. Though our safari gave my knee a good workout, it was well worth the effort and, by-and-large, I had advantage of terrific support from personnel at various camps.

And, yes, it is difficult to imagine guides who might have sighted so many amazing animals as we saw on our safari. All best to you and many thanks.
Stephen Dewhurst, Feb 2023


Great Migration Calving Season Private Safari to Tanzania

Kyle et al:

I can’t even begin to describe what an incredible and wonderful time we’ve had so far, not the least of which was getting to know Anita and Finias. And our guide, Ephram….

It’s Day 3 of our Tanzanian Adventure. Morning Land Cruiser tour of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We had lunch with our most excellent guide, Ephraim, who got us out early for the best morning light, and who found the most uncrowded observation spots for some amazing views and photos!

We were privileged to watch: Cape Buffalo, Zebra, Grant’s and Thompson’s Gazelle, Black Box and Golden Jackal, Hyena, Wildebeest, Eiland, Warthog, Savannah Elephant, Hippopotamus, Ostrich Flamingo, Vulture, Abbimi (bright blue unlike U.S.) and Egyptian Geese. This protected lush volcanic crater is the premier wildlife viewing area in Africa. Simply astounding!

Day 4 – On to Ndutu (Lake), Lemala Camp and The Great Migration on the Serengeti (Maasai for “Endless Plain”).

Ephraim must have sixth sense, guiding us to the most spectacular photo ops. There is no way photos can ever do justice to the multiple columns of mixed species of animals on the migration. It is absolutely immense and must be seen to be appreciated. Today we saw Zebra, Wildebeest (Gnus), multiple Gazelle species, and local Hyenas, Warthog and Lions, not to mention the abundant bird life. It is absolutely stunning!

Out the door at 6 for several hours of rock and roll ruts and offroad, back for lunch at 2, then back out from 4-6 for more game viewing. Dinner at 7:30. Rinse and repeat. Tomorrow, we break camp and head to a different region of the Serengeti for our last two days on safari.

Thanks to your team on the ground, owners Anita and Finias, Africa Adventure Company, Kyle Witten and staff, and particularly our Tanzanian guide Ephraim for an incredible 50th Anniversary Safari!!! It was incredible!!!!
Gary and Kim Rossbach, Feb 2023


Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Dear Mark and the rest of the crew at Africa Adventure Company,

I am sending just a quick note to let you know that we had a fantastic trip! The entire journey was so well organized and there were no glitches in our transportation, accommodations, meals, locations, etc… Our guides were all outstanding! And, most important, we saw a vast array of animals!

I plan to send you a more detailed report when my jet lag wears off, but suffice it to say that I would recommend AAC to anyone planning a safari in Africa.

Thank you so much,
Margaret Yalman, Feb 2023


Big Five safari to South Africa


Everything was fantastic…

What can I say about MalaMala, other than it was excellent. We were the last group to stay there before they shut down for four months to remodel hard to believe it could get any nicer than it was. Again, people were phenomenal there as well. The accommodations were over the top. The game drives were wonderful since they had the river running through the whole park, there were more animals to see at all times. Great experience, I definitely would go back there again for a couple days in the winter to see a different season.


Overall, we had a phenomenal time and yes, I think I would love to do another Safari in two or three years…We will keep in touch, and of course I will refer you to any friends that are interested in safari in the future.

Take care, and thanks again,
John Murnane, Jan 2023


Conservation Safari to Kenya

Hi, Kyle,

Thanks so much. We had just the best time. The lodges were fantastic. – got to see a cheetah kill on the last day and just about all the animals there were to see. We especially loved Sasaab Lodge – great staff, great guides. We did the helicopter ride to the top of the mountain for a sundowner. Then they arranged a group dinner for us under the stars somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Just amazing.

Sasaab Lodge

We didn’t get to see the rhino, so I/we may be back in touch! We hear great things about the Solio Lodge! Ha! ha!

Thanks again,
Mike Solberg, Jan 2023