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Clients Trip Reports East Africa: Aug – Oct 2023

October 31, 2023 Client Trip Reports

Safari to Tanzania and Kenya

Thank you Mark for all your great planning and your wonderful staff on the ground in Africa. No detail was overlooked and the accommodation were top notch. Our favorite was Songa Tented Camp and its terrific staff and the best kitchen of the trip. Max and his staff were over the top. They had a birthday party for me and everyone joined in to celebrate. Great fun dancing and singing with the staff. Our guide Eugene was the best of the bunch. A true tracker who worked extremely hard to check the animals off our list. All the other camps were lovely but this was our favorite. 

Legendary Songa

So many great memories.  Thank you.

Shannon Hudson, Oct 2023


Exclusive Family Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

I loved our trip. I honestly believe we had the best guide in all of Tanzania. Ephata was everything you’d want in a guide and more.

I believed it when we went to Kenya and I still believe it now—it’s more than just the animals. It’s the people. The employees at the four places we stayed were tremendous.  So polite, so good at their jobs. And we got sung too as we left each lodge!…

Jeff Baum, Sep-Oct 2023


The Great Migration Safari to Tanzania

Thanks Kyle.  The trip was fantastic and exceeded our expectations.  We loved every minute of it. Thank you for planning it and I know we will use you for our next trip to Botswana in a year or so.  We have also recommended you to several of our friends who are planning trips.

Our Guide:  Wilfred, our guide, was the best guide we have had in Africa and we have had a lot of guides.  He is smart, knowledgeable about the terrain, the animals and the eco system.  He worked incredibly hard and was very patient with us both on safari and in helping us navigate shopping (negotiating for us) and the like.  He still takes his own delight in seeing new and interesting things.  Your recommendation to have a single guide ended up being the right one.

Accommodations:  Acacia Farm Lodge was our favorite but they were all good.  The people were warm, hospitable and very helpful.  Arusha Coffee Lodge was a good beginning.  (Pool was broken though).  Our favorite camps were Tarangire Ndovo and KasKaz Mara.  Beautiful…Loved being in the bush in the tented camps and hearing the animals at night – lions, hyenas, etc.  And the views were magnificent.

Acacia Farm Lodge

Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge

KasKaz Mara

Itinerary: Getting there a day early was the right thing to do.  We flew Ethiopian Airlines which had its challenges and with the hurricanes off the east coast we were worried about getting there.  Having a day to acclimate worked out well and you may want to suggest that more often to travelers…

Tarangire:  Loved this gem.  Never saw so many elephants in our lives and it was a good way to see them.  The herds were magnificent with babies and all.  And a special bonus was we saw two young cheetah brothers running about 10 feet from us and later a cheetah mother with her three cubs.  Only time we say cheetahs and it was exhilarating.

Crater:  The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most magnificent places we have ever been – physically beautiful, showcases the animals in such a special way, just breathtaking.  I might have spent another day there.  We saw everything from a leopard, to black rhino, lions etc.

Migration:  There has been a lot of rain in Tanzania this summer (it poured at least twice in the late afternoon and evening when we were there), and of course, climate change is having an impact on everything. As a result, the herds were not in the northern Serengeti as we expected.  For the most part, they had already moved to the Central Serengeti, where it was greener and there was more water.  Wilfred told us normally the herds would have stayed in the Northern Serengeti until October or November. 

…We saw a black rhino fairly close in the Central Serengeti which we had never seen (and watched the park rangers keep the tourist vans away from the animal).  Notwithstanding the climate changes, we also saw some of the tail end of the Migration in the Northern Serengeti, which was fascinating – about 1000 wildebeest crossing the Mara River.  We watched for two hours before they finally crossed and it was interesting to see their decision making.  They would get spooked every time they saw a vulture and the indecision was very funny. Was worth it to finally see them cross (and they all made it).  There were less herds in Northern Serengeti (or seemed like there were less because it is so expansive) but we saw a pride of about 25 lions with 8 cubs (we have a great picture of about 10 of them parking themselves under one of the vans to get out of the sun) and a beautiful leopard on two subsequent days.

The trip was magical.  We are so grateful.  Thank you very much. 

Toni Ianniello, Sep 2023


Safari to Tanzania and the Great Migration

We are back and finally readjusted to being home.  Truly a trip of a lifetime.  Our experiences everyday were different, exciting and very educational. The preparation prior to the trip was outstanding and thoroughly complete.  Following all your suggestions helped make the trip effortless and without a single mishap. The company you used in Tanzania was equally qualified to host us, feed us and house us in style. There wasn’t anything that we requested that they didn’t supply or assist us with.  The choice of camps, national parks, hot air balloon that wasn’t terrific!  Everything everyday was an experience which enhanced all the memories we will keep for a lifetime.  Africa is truly a place to experience firsthand in order to begin to have an understanding of the country of Tanzania.  If it weren’t so far away I would return for each season in order to have a total experience of all the seasons. 

Thank you Mark and your entire staff for their patience in dealing with all our questions ahead of time, even though you thoroughly addressed them all in your literature, the great advice and giving us truly a trip and experiences of a lifetime.  Your company is one I will always highly recommend to anyone and have already done so!!  Again, thank you so much. 

Joan Notes, Sep 2023


Classic Rwanda and Kenya Safari


Paul and I had an absolutely amazing time on our safari… 

The city of Kigali (and the whole country for that matter) was a surprise – how clean everything was.  Unfortunately, we had some rain, which meant for a very difficult first trek – but we made it!  7 miles total with about 1200 foot of elevation gain.  Thankfully our driver/guide Moses insisted we take 2 porters and they earned their money!  The 2nd trek was shorter – only 5 miles but thankfully no rain so the gorillas were much more active and the hike down not as treacherous.  AND…we had Francoise as one of our guides!… 

Our stay at Entim Camp was phenomenal.  Within an hour after we arrived at the camp we saw a wildebeest crossing on the Mara River – thousands and thousands of them crossing the river and then stampeding through our camp!  I truly thought the gorilla trek would be the #1 thing we did/saw but I have to say this wildebeest crossing was even more amazing.  We ended up seeing 4 crossings during our stay but none as big as that first one.  Our tent was beautiful and very comfortable – we heard hippos and hyenas all night long.  The food/wine and service were excellent.  We loved being able to have our breakfast out on the savannah and the sundowners were pretty special too.  It ended up we had a private guide – no others ever joined us on our game drives.  We did have vehicle issues twice – thankfully they have better cell service on the Mara than we have here in Evergreen, CO!  Lastly, the animals!  We saw thousands of wildebeest of course, numerous prides of lions, cheetahs, topis, elephants, cape buffalo, ostriches, gazelles, elands, hippos, and the elusive leopard.  The last morning a black rhino decided to meander through our camp.

While everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful, we’d like to give a special mention to Evene (not sure of spelling) who helped us navigate the Nairobi airport on our departure.  She got us in the right lines to get us through quickly, she got us situated in the lounge and made sure we knew how to get to our departure gate.  She was very thorough.  Definitely a good way to end our stay in Africa!

It was the trip of a lifetime for sure.  I’m usually the one that figures out all the transportation details when we travel – this trip it was so nice being taken care of and not worrying about anything.  Thank you for organizing such an amazing trip – so many wonderful memories!


Laura & Paul Santana, Sep 2023


Conservation Safari to Kenya

It was, by far, the greatest vacation experience we’ve ever had.  From the moment we landed in Nairobi, everything was seamless.  We were able to sit back and relax as there was no thinking to be done!  We appreciated having Swissport as they handled the details at the airport. This was especially critical on our return flight as the airport was mobbed and Max just pushed through and knew where to go and got us through quickly.

The accommodations were top notch throughout.  We could not say enough nice things about our stay at Solio.  The people were fantastic (Shout out to Tess and Risper!!).  The meals were amazing, the cottage was beautiful and the scenery was unbelievable!  Our guides were Susan and Rashid and they went out of their way to show us all of the birds and animals. We saw the big 5 within the first 18 hours of being on site. Every time we said, “It doesn’t get better than this.” we were wrong… it would get better!  One morning while having breakfast in the bush a herd of 15 giraffes came out an got to within 15 yards of us. It was the coolest experience ever. All of the animals were seen up so close. Rashid knows SO much about the animals that it was a pleasure hearing him share his knowledge.


Next up was Sala’s Camp.  We got to meet Mike the property manager who was very attentive. Chef James is a culinary artist and was very sweet in coming out to talk with us about our meals.  We had so many encounters with lions and in fact saw a lion kill a gazelle and then had a front row seat when the hyenas came for her kill. The thrill of a lifetime.  Our guides were Stephen and Freddie. Again, they share such interesting facts about the animals that it makes you excited to listen to them.  We saw the big 5 again – which was an unexpected bonus!

Sala’s Camp

We returned to Nairobi by way of the Giraffe Manor. I was glad that we ended here because I’d heard from the staff that sometimes people are too jet lagged when they arrive to enjoy the afternoon tea and the breakfast time.  This was a very cool experience… 

Overall, we ranked this trip a 9.5 out of 10! We appreciated how everyone at Africa Adventure Company set up the trip so that we didn’t have to think about what to do or how to make it all happen. Our experience was absolutely amazing and I’ve told everyone who expresses interest in a safari to go with your team.  So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly have an influx of inquiries from individuals in Indiana.

My best wishes,

Claire Aigotti, Aug 2023


Flying Safari to Kenya’s Laikipia Region

Thanks for the welcome home. 

It was a great trip!!  I have some thoughts to share:

Laikipia Wilderness Camp was simpler than some other camps I’ve been in…and I loved it.  No bed tea or posh appetizers with the sundowners.  Meals are more random depending on the return after the game drives.  Food was tasty and basic.  Dan Peel was an excellent guide and we saw the elusive black leopard as well as wild dogs.  Pretty incredible sightings.  The tents were good (comfy beds) with the bathroom outside the tent, but under cover.  Lovely to see the stars as one showered.


Sarara Tree Camp- much more high-end.  The food was exceptional and plentiful.  The tree tents were incredible – lofted high above the ground.  Ann was my guide and she was outstanding.  So nice to see a young woman in the guiding trade.  Loved going to Reteti and see all that Sarara is doing for the community.  It is not the place for game drives, but you probably already know that.  The Singing wells were fascinating and it was refreshing that they would NOT allow photos to be taken.  Felt authentic…

Sarara Tree Camp

Thank you for the help in setting up this trip.  It was amazing!!


Erin Grey, Aug 2023


Safari to Tanzania and Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


Thank you for your work on our safari. You’ve helped make my Tanzanian dream come true. I had an absolutely amazing time. The gorillas of Rwanda were amazing and I truly believe I came back a changed person on really learning more about the country post genocide.

One day, I’ll definitely be back! We missed a rhino so I’ll need that to complete my big 5 after all. And perhaps a journey to visit the chimps at Lake Tanganyika.

Since I arrived earlier than the others from Zanzibar I was fortunate enough to spend much more time with Anita and her husband at their beautiful home. That was a nice special addition! Her dogs loved me.

But back to reality now! Thank you!!

A few of my photos. Have so many amazing ones! In the photo with the fire it’s Settle, Kate, Kate Lynn, Me, Mike from Chem Chem and Kate Lynn’s husband Kevin.

My best,

James Jack, Aug 2023


Migration Safari to Tanzania and Kenya

Hi Kyle,

Thank you so much for planning such an amazing trip for our family! It was truly the trip of a lifetime! We also greatly appreciate your assistance with the last-minute Kenya visas. Everything on our trip went so smoothly and we loved all of our accommodations.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Elephants near our front porch at Governors Camp
  • Seeing a rhino on our balloon ride over the Maasai Mara
  • Viewing the migration at the Mara River, including crocs eating several wildebeests
  • Seeing lion cubs on a night drive
  • Seeing a mama hippo and newborn baby hippo in the Crater
  • Visiting the Maasai village where our guides at Taasa grew up, including the school and the village matriarch’s home

Governors’ Camp


Sherri Lazear, Aug 2023


Family Safari to Tanzania and Zanzibar Island Getaway

Hi Mark!

We just wanted to give the BIGGEST SHOUT OUTS to our safari guides, Hillary and Daniel.  The safari is only as good as your guides and we just wanted to say how blessed we were to have both of them.  They each had their unique style and personalities and got along so well and really were a great team.  We were 10 people so we would divide up in different ways each day- they were both wonderful.  We never hesitated to send our kids alone in one car and the 2 cars were constantly in communication with one another.   Thank you so much for setting us up with them!  They both said we were so lucky to have seen as much as we did- but it wasn’t just luck— Hillary and Daniel were so good at understanding and knowing animal behaviors and anticipating what was going to happen, that we got to see events from start to finish!  

It was such a pleasure to meet Daniel and Hillary.  They honestly were the highlights of our trip!!!!


Shah- Alter- Lipman family


Safari to Tanzania and Kenya

The trip was wonderful.  All significant aspects met or exceeded our expectations.  In discussing the trip with friends who have been on safaris, we heard more than once, “Wow, we didn’t see anything like that.”

Itinerary – The areas visited and the sequence in which they were visited worked well.  It was good to have the Tanzanian national parks (with their stricter rules) first, followed by the Mara Naboisho Conservancy (which allowed off-road and after hours drives).  The walking safari at Lamala Nanyukie Lodge, the lunch and a garden tour at Gibbs Farm, and a stop at a Maasai boma provided a nice amount of variety to our 14 days on Safari.

Lamala Nanyukie

Gibb’s Farm

We were uniformly pleased with our lodges and hotels.  The friendliness and level of service at the lodges was especially noteworthy.

Your African Safari Field Guide was an excellent tool for learning more about the locations we were visiting and the animals and birds we were seeing, and to log the species seen.

This was a wonderful trip.  We are pleased to have done it the way we did – just the four of us with private guides.  On occasion we called an audible and did something a little different than the original plan.  Moreover, as a group we had the patience to wait when our guide (primarily Emmanuel) suggested waiting, and that usually paid off.  People in larger groups seemed to be on a stricter schedule, and often other vehicles moved on when we elected to wait.

We greatly appreciate Mark’s expert advice and suggestions, which were the foundation of the trip’s success, and the careful care of others at Africa Adventure Company who made sure everything went according to plan.  Thank you!

Jon and Barb Windham, Aug 2023