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Clients Trip Reports East Africa – Apr-Jun 2016 (East Africa)

June 30, 2016 Client Trip Reports

Luxury Tanzania Tented Safari including Tarangire and Serengeti

Hey Jessica,
We all had an amazing safari adventure. From the moment we got off the plane upon arriving in Africa until we arrived at the airport to leave Africa, we were well taken care of by everyone. It was more awesome than any of us could have imagined.
We can’t imagine a better fit than Hilary as our guide. He was patient, kind and such a wealth of knowledge, not to mention an absolute joy to spend time with. He does his job so incredibly well.
The Tarangire Treetops, wow, we could spend a month or two there. That was our favorite camp. Thank you so much for arranging it. Everyone was so hospitable. Our assigned staff was a gentleman named Justin who was a breath of fresh air for some, at times, cranky kids and dad adjusting to travel and bugs.

We found out we are cat people. We counted 60 lions, six leopards and six cheetahs (four of which were only days old). I took about 1200 photos, two of my favorites: there is a lion family lying on a log and one of the baby’s is hitting mom on the head. The other is of two cheetah babies hiding behind some flowers and you can just make out their heads through the flowers.

Our coolest experience was probably at the Treetops. We opted to do both the sunset and nighttime excursion with one of the treetop’s guides. We were driving up a ridge to have a picnic and watch the sun set, we came up the hill and turned to the left to have our picnic and there were two lions, close enough I could have touched one of them from the vehicle. We had our picnic elsewhere and when it was dark we made our way back up the ridge to see if they were still there and by the time we got to the top, there were four lions playing in the dark. The whole evening was mind-boggling.

We have been advertising hard for The Africa Adventure Company since our return home, sharing photos and stories. Thank you again for all of your time and assistance since we started planning this trip last fall.
Robby Adams, June 2016


Gorilla Trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Hey! We had a great time on gorilla trekking!
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp was an awesome place; 1st rate food, laundry free! (especially nice after mud/root/plant covered trekking), secluded private bungalows, hot water with pressure, electronic charging area, etc.


The Bwindi forest also had benefits over Rwanda. The forest begins at the valley bottom instead of halfway up the mountain after farming quits, so less height involved and NO nettles. It is a fern tree based forest. The gorilla groups are sometimes not that far away from road in some areas.

The guide, Michael somehow got us on very small group walks for gorilla groups; once it was just us two, another time only 3 persons. Don’t know how but it was superior viewing and hiking that way.

I was also impressed by their very community based walks including Bwindi hospital and local farms (no school on Sat for us). great projects going on.

Thanks for all your arrangements!

Debby and Gregg Hamann, June 2016


Flying Safari to Kenya and Rwanda including Samburu and Gorilla Trekking

 Dear Alison,

We loved Africa and realize we should have been traveling to that amazing continent before now.

Rwanda was lovely with its green farmlands and friendly people. Sitting with the gorillas gave me a complete sense of peace.

Kenya’s Nairobi was exciting and the elephant experience, in the bush, was meaningful and beautiful. We had the pleasure of meeting some Kenyan school kids on a field trip. We couldn’t tell which group enjoyed meeting which more. Each of us wore a giant smile as we interacted.

Your choice of accommodations, drivers and greeters was thorough and excellent. We very much enjoyed getting to know Sammy in Kenya and Gerald in Rwanda. They were very kind and helpful in every way…

The highlight of our journey was a sundowner at Elephant Watch Camp. We hiked through a river bed, toward the sunset, with 7 Samburu warriors. We danced their tribal dances and listened to their Samburu chanting and singing. That is our favorite and lasting memory of Africa.


We are very pleased with The Africa Adventure Company. We thought our guides, scheduled accommodations and all airport transfers were timely, professional and thorough. Being in Africa is such a profound difference and your planning made us feel comfortable and well cared for. We will not hesitate to use your company for future African travel nor hesitate to refer you to family and friends.

We hope to work with you again.

Warm regards,

Debbie Lundgren, June 2016


Group safari to Tanzania’s Tarangire, Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro and Serengeti

 We had a wonderful time on our safari (#3 for us and probably the best one so far). Special thanks goes to our guide Hebert Steven Mollel so please share this with him and his management team. We travel a lot and the most important part of landing in a strange country where you are depending on someone else is to be met on time at the airport. As soon as we exited Hebert was there to assist us directly to his vehicle. We were the only passengers on the tour and that suited us fine. Hebert was super at handling all questions and giving us an plan for each evening on when was dinner, where to meet and then the next days plans. No matter how dumb the question he was happy to assist.

Thank you for everything,

Rich Noel, May 2016


The Best of East and Southern Africa including MalaMala and a private safari to Tanzania

 Mark/Kollin, et al:

Now that all participants have arrived back into reality, a trip description is in order, perhaps even with some pictures.

The flights to Johannesburg and onto Cape Town were good. Reception and help at both airports were appreciated. Our hotel, newly acquired by Marriott (Protea Fire and Ice), was a good choice. We had a 2-story apartment (2br, 2 bath) which worked perfectly with respect to location and would be perfectly suited for a family. Our time with Lazarus was excellent and a pleasure. Cape Town and its surroundings were worth the time spent there for food, sights and wine and especially the shark cage. Watching the “tablecloth” come down was also unusual.

MalaMala gave us the Big 5 and an enjoyable time with Mike along with never ending food and drink. The airport was unusual since it looked more like a resort. It was a great introduction to African wildlife and Ranger expertise as well as serving as a counterpoint to the subsequent camps. Our stays at the camps leading to Victoria Falls provided different experiences ranging from elephants, crocs and being chased by a hippo. We met interesting people including some with common friends…


Victoria Falls was exceptional since it was full water flow and the falls were at their most magnificent with respect to rainbows, mist and sheer visual spectacle. Richard met us as scheduled. Cynthia was knowledgeable and sharing. The “guys” did our high wire act with Pat watching. It appears that I was the oldest to do the cliff jump for the gorge swing. So much for the old guys rule – “the older I get, the better I was”. The hotel and staff were great as was the food.

Tanzania with Mkenda was like adding another person to the family. Gibb’s Farm was delightful and delicious. The crater was amazing and great for lion close ups (that is until we got to the Serengeti. Danced and jumped with the Maasai – Rich even got as high.)

Olduvai Gorge was informative and we acted out with “the bones.” The Serengeti adventures were remarkable. Lions really close up, large hippo pods, leopards, cheetahs, a multitude of baboon families, crocodiles, wildebeest migration, zebras, giraffes, multiple birds and other small prey and predators. The balloon ride, even if early in the morning, was an adventure – not only for the view but the opportunity to possibly be on a South Korean TV show. Closing this part of the adventure at the 4 Seasons was the right touch. Rich even met someone that could be helpful in his new job.


Rich and Pete went on to successfully climb Kili and proceed with their further adventures in Kenya and Zanzibar.

 Thank you for a memorable adventure!

Marty and Pat Bernstein, Apr 2016