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Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust

August 15, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails
Greetings from the Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Trust!
Thanks to our supporters and friends who pat our backs during the difficult times, we managed to go through the first half of the year. Now with open minds we are ready for the second half. Nonetheless, we bring you highlights of June 2013.
Sarah is the group’s favorite
We have earlier mentioned that integration of new chimpanzees in the main existing group is a gradual process that is handled with utmost care. In March 2011 we received 4 infants from Southern Sudan. These have gone through the process and we are delighted to report that they have met and interacted with all the members in our care. This has taken almost two years.

The infants; Sara, Medina, Cocoa and Minni have been accepted and are now being introduced to the forest. This is to help them get accustomed to forest life.

He had developed septicemia following a surgery in May. However, this was contained and he’s now back to the forest with the other chimpanzees.

Women making an energy saving
As part of our conservation education program that we code named ‘Change my community’, we partnered with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, to expand the Energy Saving program that we had begun in schools in Hoima District.
Our education team together with 3 technical personnel from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development trained 150 parents and 5 teachers in energy saving, construction and maintenance of the Lorena energy saving stove. This was to boost their knowledge and engage more parents in the program.
On the other hand, more children were trained by their teachers in the same and tasked to duplicate the technology in their homes.