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Banoka Bush Camp – March 2014

March 11, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
The month of January at Banoka Bush Camp has been positively splendid! With plenty of soaking rain to see in the new year, a fresh fragrance has penetrated every corner of the camp and Banoka is nestled in a vibrant green landscape.

Heading towards the end of the month, the earth has been cooled off with heavy showers and some serious displays of thunder and lightning. The calm after the storm always results in a welcome and refreshing atmosphere, intoxicating the senses and invigorating energy levels.

The lagoon has had its 10 resident hippo entertaining guests and staff with their grunting and ‘yawning’, as they lie in the water trying to keep cool in the heat of mid-summer.


A fantastic sighting for Banoka was a giraffe and her foal, along with another exquisite dark-patched male, meandering through the “front yard” of the camp.

Exciting too was Banoka’s very own crocodile, seen swimming in the middle of the lagoon and coming out for a bit of sunbathing, keeping us all very curious as to what it would do next.

Evidence of two female lions along with a young male was found around the camp and the same lions were seen roaming around in the bush, seeking shade and looking for something tasty for breakfast.

Our resident female leopard Machaba has been a sight for sore and tired eyes, rewarding guests who were very keen to see leopard. She revealed herself with grace and poise, a brilliant sighting for Banoka.

Small herds of elephant have been seen cooling off around the waterholes on the hot summer afternoons, keeping a close watch over their young calves.

The wild dog in the area have certainly not been shy, providing us with breathtaking kills right before our eyes. Thanks to the ‘painted dogs’ for such entertainment already in January 2014!

And to top it all off, a pride of nine lions not seen for months gave our last group of guests a most exciting end to their journey. What a sight they were, beautiful females heading the pride, one older female lurking close behind, stalking their prey.

Birds and Birding
Our summer visitors are keeping us enthralled with many more resident species chirping and tweeting away, providing guests with a symphonic avian serenade.

It’s been an exciting January and we are looking forward to next month; hope we see you in it!

Staff in Camp: Gideon, Kay, Sarita, Priscillah & Onnie
Newsletter by Sarita Chohan