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Abu Camp – March 2013

March 5, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails


Abu Camp braced itself for the late rains of January as we watched the pregnant clouds roll in from the east and without haste they spilled their bounty all over the Abu Concession. Three days passed and the camp area was inundated, mekoro and weather -proof jackets readied and “operation save Abu” was launched.

The camp came to life as the giant Mozambican weather monster moved off into the distance; every seed that had been lying in wait germinated and the Okavango sprang awake creating our very own nursery of life. We sustained some camp damage following 180 mm of rain but our spirits were rejuvenated as sunshine filled the camp once again. The rain is somewhat a love -hate relationship, it creates weeks of “raintenance” but after any heavy rain, the general game seems to pop out of every corner of the earth and enjoy the fresh shoots of now abundant grass.

The resident pride of four lion made their presence at the airstrip known as they attempted to catch but missed a zebra, leaving it horribly injured, but they regrouped and successfully acquired themselves a wildebeest for dinner. The Seba hyaena clan, as always, made their whooping enthusiasm clear to the world as they tend to do every evening whilst patrolling the airstrip.

Abu Camp itself has t hree new celebrities. The first two are Tom and Jerry – the two confident hyaena. They are becoming rather comfortable visiting during the screening of the Paseka movie at our sundowner spot and have graced us with their presence on many an evening.

The other is Limpy the baboon. Limpy, aptly named because of his distinctive limp, thinks that he is a feline. A true cat burglar, he now knows how to open the kitchen door and helps himself to our five -star foods, the cheek of it!

Other amazing sightings in the concession over the past month include a beautiful female leopard with her one remaining cub, a cheetah on the airstrip, roan antelope and a number of venomous and non -venomous snakes. The cheetah seem to be settling into the area and the Seba guides are great at getting a number of sightings of them. We hope they continue to dazzle guests in our concession.

Guests have also been lucky to observe a number of Southern African pythons which are out to try and get their stake of small springhares or baby antelope which are plentiful in the concession at the moment. We have also had buffalo return to Maribou Pan for their own personal sundowners. Our favourite sighting this month was a bateleur feeding on a baboon carcass! All in all, the game in the concession is alive and magnificent.

Abu has also launched two new bush activities. Our new bush breakfast site is only accessible by mokoro or elephant – have you ever had breakfast with elephants? African star -gazing tapas is our second new spectacle. 45 minutes away from camp and completely cut out from the world, it is an experience of a lifetime. Finger foods including sticky African riblets and bite -size caramelised mustard pork medallions are only the tip of the ice berg with the executive chef preparing all dishes to perfection! Find a planet through the telescope whilst sipping on your favourite single malt whisky and enjoy the orchestra of the African night.

The new research camp has come to life, with Dr. Mike Chase having almost completed his A frican explorer-styled design. The location is nestled in and among st a number of jackalberry trees.

The Abu Herd