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6 Secret Highlights of a Tanzania Safari

February 6, 2015 East Africa Bush Tails


Tanzania is one of the top wildlife viewing destinations in Africa, known, of course, for the migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras (and the predators who follow them) across the vast Serengeti. But beyond the justifiably famous migration, the country is also a place of unique landscapes, wondrous wildlife, and incredible people that are often only witnessed by those in the safari know.

Now you can get in on all the secret highlights of our Under Tanzania Skies Safari safari for yourself: Available departures Jun 13: Jul 11: Jul 25: Aug 08: Aug 22: Sep 12: Oct 10; Dec 19:

1. Spotting Elephants by the Thousands in Tarangire – If it’s Elephant you’re after,Tarangire National Park is a must visit. Herds here reach numbers up to 6,000 strong! Sylvia Hegyi, a senior consultant at AAC, calls this little known park her favorite spot in East Africa for its “immense herds of elephants, huge number of baobab, incredibly beautiful landscape, and vast open spaces.”


2. Tree Climbing Lions!  What’s that you say, lions don’t climb trees? Maybe the ones in southern Africa haven’t taken to the treetops, but in Manyara Lake National Park, the lions not only climb Acacia trees, but also sleep in the branches (perhaps, it’s thought, to escape the tsetse flies that bother them on the ground). It’s a unique site, and this corner of the Great Rift Valley is one of the only places to witness it.

3. Descending into a Volcanic Crater – Some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa is in a 2 million year old crater filled with lush, green, prehistoric-looking vegetation. Ngorngoro Crater is known for its fabulous wildlife sightings, but it’s also the largest intact, inactive, unfilled volcanic crater in the world (it’s estimated that if this volcano hadn’t imploded, it would have grown as big as Kilimanjaro). Covering more than 100-square-miles, the crater acts as a natural safety barrier to the 30,000 mammals who call it home, including a large group of Black Rhino.


4. Crowd Free Serengeti – What’s the secret to beating the crowds and having the most intimate wildlife experience in the popular Serengeti National Park? Safari camps that move when the animals do! Serengeti Seasonal Camp moves three or four times a year to maximize wildlife viewing for its guest. With just 8 (very comfortable) tents, and a separate safari guide and jeep for each, there’s no better way to view the sensational Serengeti migration and seasons.


5. Philanthropy in Every Stay – At intimate Ndarakwai Ranch, at the foot of magnificent Kilimanjaro, guests have the opportunity to visit local Maasai villages and a portion of every guest’s stay is donated to The Kilimanjaro Conservancy which works in the local communities, often where staff at the ranch is from. The local non-profit organization undertakes community anti-poaching activities on and around Ndarakwai, supports local schools, and promotes initiatives to reduce human/wildlife conflict. AAC clients Liz and Mike Lang add that, at Ndarakwai “the opportunity to visit the Maasai, with their beautiful, innocent children, was special, particularly since our guide from the ranch knew this particular village.”

6. Multiple Life-Changing Experiences in One Trip – Astounding elephant herds, tree climbing lions, a volcanic crater filled with wildlife, cultural outreach. For other places in the world, an itinerary with this many unique elements would be impossible in one trip, but on the Under Tanzanian Skies, it can all comprise one unforgettable trip.  14 Day – Group Safari Under Tanzanian Skies