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6 POSTCARDS from the AAC Voluntourism Trip to Zimbabwe in July 2013

May 1, 2014 According to AAC's Consultants
Alison and Nicholas Nolting / Susan and Elizabeth Clemons / Anne and Caitlin Hampton
Matobo Hills and Hwange
– Zimbabwe is a country rich in wildlife and pristine ecological surroundings, one of the few places in the world where it’s possible to see the Big 5 in pristine wildlife areas.
– The uniqueness of this project arises from its truly magnificent ecological surroundings coupled with the communit ies living around Matobo and Hwange.
– Mother Africa is established to assist communities and conservation near Amalinda in Matobo Hills including WhiteWaters and Ethandweni .
– Children in the Wilderness is active with the Ngamo and Ziga communities around Hwange Park, situated near to their safari camp, Davison’s.
“So you may be asking, what kind of trip was this!
This was a  “purpose-driven safaris” tailor-made for unskilled mothers and their student  children who wished to donate their time and leave a la…sting and tangible impression on Zimbabwe, in so many ways.
And that we did! We sourced over 6 large duffel bags of Grade 5-8 books for  both schools we visited. We acted as a “connector” in the classrooms  and community helping the next generation of children in Zimbabwe who are the future of their country.
We all came away with a mutual acceptance of one’s culture, beliefs and the lives they lead.”
Alison Nolting – Trip Leader
Lizzie Clemons
Anne Hampton
– by: Alison Nolting