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2014 Photo Contest Results Are In! And The Winner Is…..

April 2, 2015 AAC Events

One of our favorite times at AAC is when we get to view all of the amazing photos our clients submit for AAC’s annual photo contest. The 2014 contest marked the fifth year the annual photo competition has taken place, and it’s the best year yet; with hundreds of fabulous photos to view, we were truly spoiled for choice.

Submissions were in five categories—Wildlife, Birds, Scenery, Clients in Africa, the People of Africa, and Babies (new category) —and any AAC client who took a safari in 2014 was eligible to enter. They’re all fabulous, but after many hours of deliberation, we crowned the winners and runners up in each category.

The gallery of all winning/honorable mention photos can be seen here:

Without further ado, here is the full list of:

The Winners of the 2014 AAC Photo Contest

Wildlife Winners 

Turner, Boyd, Kathy Migration

1st – Kathy Turner (Zebra on the Serengeti)

2nd – Jean-Marie Girardot (Leopard Call in the Serengeti)

2nd – William T. Webb (Silverback Male Gorilla, Rwanda)

(Note: the two photos were too close to call)

3rd – Doreen Lawrence (Elephant March, Tarangire)

Babies Winners 

Babies - 1st - 10f - Girardot, Jean-Marie

1st – Jean-Marie Girardot (Klipspringer (for the baby size!), Tanzania)

2nd – Pam Hall (Leopard Cubs, Botswana)

3rd – Chris Swindal (Elephant, Zimbabwe)

Birds Winners 

Birds - 1st - 13 - Douglas, Becky

1st – Becky Douglas (Vulture vs Jackal, Kenya)

2nd – John Tarsha (Martial Eagle, Kenya/Tanzania)

3rd – Heather Walters (Bee Eater, Botswana)

Scenery Winners 

Scenery - 1st - moved from  wildlife - 7c - Lake, Ronald A. - Rhino - High res

1st – Ronald A. Lake (Northern Tanzania)

2nd – Boyd Turner (Night in the Serengeti)

3rd – Michael Ballard (Victoria Falls)

Clients in Africa Winners 

Clients - 1st - 45 - Scoville Tony - Zim15 Mana

1st – Tony & Mary Scoville (Zimbabwe)

2nd – Tyler and Sophia Jager (Tanzania)

3rd – Jack King Family (Tanzania)

People of Africa Winners 

People - 1st - 13a - Matarrese Kris - Maasai (2)

1st – Kris Mattarese (Maasai Girl, Tanzania)

2nd – Claudia Choy (Waving Girl, Tanzania)

3 rd – Kathy Turner (Children in a Row, Tanzania)

Congratulations to all our winners!

The winners of each category receive a 10% discount on their next safari! Plus they will be featured in our upcoming newsletter as well as on AAC’s Facebook and Twitter.

Want to part of the photo contest fun in 2015? Please enter your photos to be considered for publication in our newsletter, Facebook, guide books, and other publications. For travelers in 2015 you have until February 2016 to enter.

Here’s how:

*Select which Photo Competition category you are entering: Wildlife – Scenery – Birds – People – Our Safari – and, new for 2015, Video

*Email Low Resolution photos or

*Mail CD of High Resolution photos or

*Download to Shutterfly / Drop box/ Snapfish / Flikr and send us the link / password