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10 Things You May NOT Know About African Safaris

November 21, 2016 Top 10 Lists

#10 – Where Tranquility and Adventure Converge

Earth’s second largest continent is the perfect place to see the big animals “up close and personal” – in fact, you can get so close that you can hear the rhythm of their breathing. But Africa is more than wild animals! Don’t miss the magic of exploring the African wilderness, or seeing one of the world’s largest waterfalls (Victoria Falls) or the world’s longest river (The Nile). Experience it all.

#9 – Roughing It

Going on safari doesn’t have to mean roughing it. You can choose from a wide variety of accommodations, from simple bungalows to hotels and villas, and even extravagant suites with private swimming pools. From small camps to large lodges and beyond, you’re sure to find comfortable living and friendly service.

#8 – Beyond the Mosquito Net

If you think that mosquitoes, insects and snakes could pose a big problem on safari, think again. The fact is, you’ll see less of these pests on safari than you will in your own backyard! Remember, most safaris take place in the open savannah during the dry season when insects are at a minimum.

#7 – Can We Talk?

If you’re concerned about the language barrier, don’t worry. English is widely spoken in all African countries, except for the Republic of the Congo (where French is the international language). However, you may want to surprise your guide with a nice “sawubona” (“hello” in Zulu) or “asante” (“thank you” in Swahili).

#6 – Eco-Tourism: Go Green

There is a growing interest in green travel while on safari. Eco-camps and eco-friendly properties protect the environment and ensure that the local people who live adjacent to these properties benefit directly from tourism. These comfortable accommodations are designed to have very little impact on the environment.

#5 – What’s on the Menu?

“The food was so good that I gained weight!” This is a common “complaint” heard by travelers who were impressed with the quality of the food and drink served on their safari. Enjoy a “sundowner” and rest assured that many unforgettable dining experiences await you.

#4 – No Two Safaris Are Alike

There are so many exciting ways to see Africa, and no two safaris are alike. You’re sure to find the experience that’s picture perfect for you – a honeymoon or a family safari, a specialist guided safari, a voluntourism or cultural safari, or a balloon safari. You can fly, drive, take a boat or walk – no matter how you get there, a breathtaking experience awaits you!

#3 – So Much to See and Do

What sort of fun things can you do and see while on safari? Game drives are a great way to see the animals, both during the day and at night. Experience the thrilling adventure of a gorilla safari, or go chimpanzee trekking. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride an elephant, a horse or a camel.

#2 –Activities for Everyone

Remember, there are plenty of fun activities to experience while on safari. White water rafting enthusiasts will find some of the most challenging rivers in the world. Go mountain climbing or mountain biking. Enjoy some snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing. Or get ready for some truly unforgettable bird watching.

#1 – Your Life Will Be Forever Changed

The natural beauty of this awe-inspiring land will move you to your very soul. The thrilling adventures of this great continent will inspire and delight, leaving an indelible imprint on your life. Once you have been touched by the magic of Africa your life will be forever changed.