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Chyulu Hills National Park

Situated between Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks, Chyulu Hills is primarily known for its magnificent bull elephants, picturesque views of Kilimanjaro and exclusivity. In addition, the park has many signs of volcanic activity, include volcanic cones, craters and lava tubes. With an altitude ranging from 3000-7000 ft, the landscape is varied, with cloud forest, woodland, riverine forests and open savannah.

Plains game is primarily concentrated in two Maasai-owned Group Ranches, each with only one lodge. Therefore, visitors essentially have the wildlife to themselves. A much broader array of activities is available at these ranches than most Kenyan wildlife areas, like guided walks, biking, hiking up to the cloud forests and down to lava tubes, and even horseback safaris! Visits to Maasai manyattas are possible as well.

Wildlife here includes cheetah, eland, impressively-tusked elephant, Maasai giraffe, lion, buffalo, wildebeest and leopard. Because of the varied habitats, there have also been more than 400 bird species recorded.

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