Alison Nolting
Director of Tours and Marketing

Alison Nolting grew up in Africa, worked in a safari camp and has traveled with Mark and their two boys as a family for the past 25 years. Alison uses her experience to get you there time and again. Her passion is to work with families on safaris to Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of her favorite activities in Africa!


Alison was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, attended the Cordon Bleu school in Cape Town and worked in PR in both Harare and London. A career change had her running a safari camp where she met Mark and moved to the USA in 1991. She has traveled with Mark and their two boys as a family, to over 10 countries in Africa and on 18 or so trips with her children. Beyond going on numerous safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa, Alison loves the Lower Zambezi river region, gorilla and chimp trekking, adventuring in the Skeleton Coast, and the Indian Ocean island Seychelles.


Botswana and 15 camp visits was one of her most recent trips in May 2017. Establishing a relationship with camp guides is the key to offering refreshing trips each year. A prior trip to Zimbabwe led to the development of the award winning safari "Eyes on Elephant". The enjoyment of sharing the close-up encounters with elephant, with her two sons, in Hwange and Mana Pools put this at the top of her all time favorite wildlife experience!


Active in her community, Alison is past President of the Florida Chapter of the Association for the Promotion of Travel to Africa (APTA) and streamlines all our sponsorship of scholarships for children in Africa. She is closely associated with communities in Zimbabwe and Tanzania.