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AAC Signature Photographic Safaris

11 Day – Plains and Primates Safari to Kenya and Rwanda

One of our classic programs where you game view in the vast plains for the migration in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, and explore the forested areas in Rwanda for mountain gorillas. Classic and Premier accommodation options offered.


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11 Day – Plains of The Serengeti Private Tented Safari

Our most affordable safari with your own PRIVATE guide and vehicle. Experience staying in tented accommodations. Enjoy two full days of game viewing in the Serengeti. Daily departure based on 2-6 persons in one vehicle.


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12 Day – Active Wildlife Safari of Southern Africa

Combines two experiences at great value for 7 nights on actual safari. Mashatu in south-eastern Botswana and a Sabi Sands private game reserve near Kruger in South Africa. Sightsee in Mpumalanga. Wildlife viewing by vehicle, plus walking safaris and mountain bike riding. Departures are daily.


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12 Day – Best of Wilderness Wing Safari to Botswana (Premier Camps)

Three days of superb game viewing at Mombo Camp in Moremi - considered one of the Premier camps in Botswana! This program includes a 7 night discounted stay at the Wilderness Safaris portfolio of camps and we can find space for you at Mombo!


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12 Day – Call of the Wild Safari to Zimbabwe

Exceptional value pricing for your exclusive group (from 2-6 people). This flying safari visits Hwange and Mana Pools (open May-November). Your guides are the finest in Africa! Activities include game drives, canoeing and guided walks.


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12 Day – Chimp and Gorilla Safari to Uganda

This is a signature AAC Company group safari led by a top naturalist guide with your own exclusive departure. The price of the program includes 2 chimp and 2 gorilla permits, an important donation to the conservation of their habitat.


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12 Day – Migration Private Safari to Tanzania

This private Tanzania safari highlights the Serengeti and the migration of the wildebeest, regardless of what time of year you travel. Enjoy luxury in the Elewana portfolio of accommodations.


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12 Day – Omo River Safari to Ethiopia

For a cultural experience beyond words (and almost beyond belief), Ethiopia tops our list as the most impressive in the world. Ethiopia has what are considered by many as the most primitive tribes on earth in the Omo River Valley, a visit to this country will truly take you back thousands of years in time.


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14 Day – Private Safari with Great Guides

This safari truly offers the BEST of Tanzania. Private guide and vehicle, features 5 nights in the Serengeti in two different locations. We have taken LUXURY mobile tenting to the tops in Tanzania as these tents are very large and roomy!


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14 Day – Group Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

AAC Signature departure – Photograph gorillas in Bwindi Forest and Volcanoes National Park. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest. General wildlife game viewing with game drives and boating in Queen Elizabeth Park. Departures: Feb 03: Jul 04; Sep 06

Signature Safari Program - $9,595.00

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15 Day – Eyes on Elephant Safari to Zimbabwe

This AWARD WINNING safari was selected in National Geographic Traveler Magazine's "50 Tours of a Lifetime" and operates as an exclusive group with up to 6 persons per departure. We personally know your guides Nic Polenakis, Dave Carsons and Nick Murray who are leading the trips. We have combined the active game viewing ventures of walking, canoeing, walking and game drives. Departures: Jun 07, Jul 12, Aug 02, Aug 15, Aug 28, Sep 20

Signature Safari Program - $10,995.00

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18 Day – Best of Namibia and Botswana Wing Safari

This flying safari takes in 6 nights in Namibia to the 3 main attractions, enjoying much of the stunning landscape from the air. Experience a further 8 days in Botswana also visiting 3 areas and choices of quite a few camps.


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7 Day – Botswana Call of The Wild Safari

Enjoy your own private vehicle to concentrate on photography of the cats and more as you visit the Moremi Reserve and Khwai Concession. Accommodations are in two seasonal mobile tented camps - luxury Under Canvas. Same price all year round - great value for high season (Jun-Oct)


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AAC Signature Photographic Safaris

The listed photographic programs are some of The Africa Adventure Co. (AAC) trademark safaris that feature: 

  • top naturalist guides leading the group or private trips 
  • a selection of destinations to highlight unique wildlife sighting opportunities 
  • slower paced journeys to maximize viewing/photography in each location 
  • careful planning to stay in accommodations that promote sustainable tourism 
  • itinerary focus on particular wildlife viewings where available 
  • guests who appreciate value and quality travel 
  • a travel experience that exceeds expectations!

AAC Signature Photographic Safaris