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The dream to return to Africa has a pulse all its own. As East Africa countries open their borders, you can feel the anticipation from eager travelers ready to depart on safari or to begin planning their epic adventure for next year. Safari camps and lodges throughout Africa have put COVID-19 health measures in place so they can safely welcome you. With your best interests at heart, the AAC team continue to advise on options for postponement of trips. Your Safari Consultant is available to answer questions on your safari re-bookings or NEW bookings! Our office hours are 10:00am-3:00pm ET (Mon-Thu).

It has never been more apparent the essential role that sustainable and responsible travel plays in protecting African wilderness and supporting the local communities. Should you wish to boost efforts to support anti-poaching projects in wildlife areas, please reach out to Mark and Alison for suggestions.  


08 Day – Serengeti Flying Safari with Lemala
Experience the beauty of the Serengeti on this flying safari staying in Lemala Portfolio of Camps. Customize your camp stays by selecting the areas within the Serengeti that is at its best during your travel dates.
from $6,250.00

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Africa Guide Book Publications

Africa's Top Wildlife Countries highlights and compares wildlife reserves and other major attractions in East and Southern Africa. This guidebook has all the information on camps and types of safaris available in 15 game viewing countries. If you are wondering which destination is right for you, this book is the first place to start!

The African Safari Journal and Field Guide is perfect to take on an African safari as it is a wildlife guide and checklist, trip organizer, phrase book, personal diary, and map directory; all in one!


Wildlife Safari