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Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is Botswana’s most visited wildlife area. The 4250 mi² park is renowned for its prolific buffalo and elephant herds. Moreover, Chobe’s lion prides are known to opportunistically prey upon elephants, both juveniles and adults alike.

The park is subdivided into the Savute and Northern Regions. Savute is a dynamic landscape composed of sanveld, mopane forest, acacia savannah and beautiful rocky outcrops. Once home to crocodiles, the dry river channel is now a hunting ground for wild dogs. With an abundance of wildlife in this spectacular area, it is not difficult to spot eland, giraffe, kudu, leopard, cheetah and wild dog, including a variety of birds.

The Northern region is primarily defined by its proximity to the Chobe River and its floodplain. A highlight of this part of the park is enjoying a boat cruise, sundowner in hand, while watching large herds of elephant and other wildlife frolicking in the Chobe River.

Both park regions are excellent for bird-watching, particularly during the wet season (November to April). Rollers, kestrels, plovers, sandgrouse, coursers, queleas, doves, kori bustards, storks, rock prtincoles, African skimmers and spurwinged geese are common sights. But the main avian attraction is the Southern carmine bee-eaters’ breeding colonies, observable during September and early October. It is a truly breathtaking sight to witness these technicolor bee-eaters synchronously swoop, swerve and dive by the thousands.

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