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Testimonial from Randy & Terri Potts

Terri and I are about halfway through our trip and having an AMAZING time. Everything has been perfect. We’re currently enjoying a great lunch at Singita Mara River Camp after watching our first crossing, sitting among a herd of elephants (including the 3 babies) for an hour and photographing 3 male and 1 female lions in amazing light. I know, they are all things you have seen a thousand times but we are so grateful for this trip and the help you all provided. Just wanted you to know!...

Terri and I are now back in Austin and I want to let you both know we couldn’t possibly be more happy about the way it went. Terri was afraid I had such high expectations that no experience could live up to them. But I have to say the actual trip exceeded our expectations in every regard… large part due to you all. The trip was planned perfectly…accommodations top notch (Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Singita Faru Faru and Mara River Camps), all of our drivers, guides, reservations etc were all perfect! And, my request to you all to try to provide a great room actually made it through to all properties and were respected….we had perfect accommodations. Lastly, the wildlife we saw and what we learned about it was beyond what we imagined.