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Testimonial from Kathy and Marc Patoff

"Nasikia Tarangire Tented Camp - Msangi and the team went out of their way to make it memorable."

Nasikia Tarangire Tented Camp - Msangi and the team went out of their way to make it memorable. Our first night we got settled in and had a terrific dinner. And then came the magic. The entire team and Wilson came into the dining area singing, dancing and delivering to Dessa the most magnificent birthday cake and presentation ever. This is hard for Marc - the family birthday cake maker - to admit!  We will never forget this night.

We absolutely loved this cultural immersion at the Maasai village. Oh - The Animals! All of the references above are about the people and such. But we went for animals. And animals we did see. As I mentioned earlier, we were able to see so much up close. Words do not do justice to describe the soul stirring impact of seeing these animals in their natural habitat. To learn more about each species. To know how they interact with each other and their environment. To understand even more fully just how much is at stake. We are so fortunate that the Tanzanians, other African countries and many in the global community are dedicating so much time, energy and resources to their preservation.

We appreciate all you and the Africa Adventure Company did to facilitate such a wonderful trip. We are most grateful. And we will be sure to make referrals whenever opportunities present themselves.