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Testimonial from Jane Assimacopoulos

The guides as well as our camp hosts were all extremely personable and couldn't do enough to make our experience as pleasant and educational as possible.  As much as the animals and birds were an amazement, so was the geography and all of nature. Oh!  And the food was outstanding.

Our visit to the local village in Tafika was a highlight.  We were so pleased that we'd asked to do that.  Michael is now known as "The white magic man" in the village as he did lots of magic tricks with the children.  He was like the pied piper.  I'm sure he and Karen will tell you much more.

If I were to rate this vacation it would get an A++++.  Thank you and Ian for having taken care of all the details so thoroughly and professionally.   I would recommend your company to anyone interested in such a vacation.  BTW we were the only guests at Tafika which made it even more special although each place we stayed was unique and had much to offer.  From the first day we wondered how the next place would hold up to this one, but we were never disappointed.