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Testimonial from Eric Gurwin

We then did a road transfer to Sandibe. We had a private guide (Max) and a tracker (Elvis) and they knew we had unsuccessfully looked for leopards for a couple of days...So for the next 4 drives we were leopard-centric....first afternoon we found one lounging high up in a tree with golden light bathing her face. The next morning we tracked two different cats and ironically it was in the transitional area between Chitabe and Sandibe....

We loved Sandibe...everything about it...they have all new management at the camp who have been there for a very short time. Andrew, the manager, Misty the asst, manager and Murray the chef have been there as little as 2 weeks. We also had a butler, a wee bit unexpected but Moses was wonderful and a fabulous person.  Despite having new front office staff, everything was fabulous...the rooms, the food (make your own pizza (gluten free too!!) the special touches for Karen and my birthdays.