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Testimonial from Dave, Lugena and Michelle Wahlquist

"What a great trip, what a great adventure and experience! Tafika Camp was very pleasant, with everyone helpful and engaging."

Tafika Camp was a very pleasant open facility with everyone helpful and engaging.  Food and particularly lunches were great.  We had the experience of tracking a lion on foot and discovering him lazily laying in the shade watching us as we watched a giraffe. Morning tea in the bush with a fire started with a stick and a board was memorable.  On a night drive we spotted a mother and baby leopard.  Before we knew it another leopard entered the area and a brief territorial dispute took place.  Pretty intense!  We also saw a wild dog take down an impala and then leave the area for a few minutes.  Sixteen dogs returned and in a few minutes the kill was entirely gone.  An impromptu visit to a nearby village that is home to all support staff and local guides was a fun and unique experience.  We talked to villagers, visited the school, children sang to us and we all danced!  Local guide Lloyd was particularly charming as he entertained us with a bush quiz as we waited for the second flight to Old Mondoro.

What a great trip, what a great adventure and experience!  Thank you so much!