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Testimonial from Dave, Lugena and Michelle Wahlquist

"There was no let up and no day ever came close to being uneventful."

This was our 5th trip with The AAC and it was our best trip ever.  It turned out to be an amazing adventure.  By the second or third day we felt the trip was totally worthwhile even if we saw or experienced nothing more.  And then it continued to be amazing.  There was no let up and no day ever came close to being uneventful.

The selection of camps: Busanga Bush Camp, Tafika Camp, and Old Mondoro was ideal.  The staff at each was totally helpful and bent over backwards to meet our every need.  The food was excellent and as we have learned to expect on safari, too plentiful. 

Tafika Camp was a very pleasant open facility with everyone helpful and engaging.  Food and particularly lunches were great.  We had the experience of tracking a lion on foot and discovering him lazily laying in the shade watching us as we watched a giraffe. Morning tea in the bush with a fire started with a stick and a board was memorable.  On a night drive we spotted a mother and baby leopard.  Before we knew it another leopard entered the area and a brief territorial dispute took place.  Pretty intense!  We also saw a wild dog take down an impala and then leave the area for a few minutes.  Sixteen dogs returned and in a few minutes the kill was entirely gone.  An impromptu visit to a nearby village that is home to all support staff and local guides was a fun and unique experience.  We talked to villagers, visited the school, children sang to us and we all danced!  Local guide Lloyd was particularly charming as he entertained us with a bush quiz as we waited for the second flight to Old Mondoro.

The location of Old Mondoro is spectacular and beautiful.  Room views look out over the Zambezi or a lagoon with elephants eating and bathing.  A wooded area is behind the camp.  There are excellent opportunities for water activities here.  We had 6 leopard sightings in the area.  Four of them were in a one night drive within about an hour’s time.  One very large male leopard briefly focused his attention on us and let us know in no uncertain terms we were annoying him.  We moved on to more relaxed leopards!  We were particularly impressed with local guide Sebastian who tracked and spotted an almost invisible leopard in a dense tree.  In general he displayed a very relaxed easygoing confidence in everything he did.

What a great trip, what a great adventure and experience!  Thank you so much!