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2017, Winners
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First Place Wildlife: Kay Jacobson - While on a ‘Helicopter Horizons’ excursion from Mombo Trails, flying over the Okavango Delta, we spotted a lion standing on a hippo. Our pilot, Tom Cunningham, was flabbergasted! He said he had never seen such a thing.Second Place Wildlife: Randy Potts - We experienced an incredible variation of interactions with beautiful animals but few were as endearing as the giraffes. They are staggeringly large, oddly conformed yet have the most incredibly sweet, calm faces.Third Place Wildlife: Kathy Wrobel - Her quickness was incredible! She took down this full sized impala and then called her two small cubs and introduced them to the kill. It was so cute as they had no idea what to do with it. Phinda, South Africa.
First Place Wildlife Babies: Jennifer Steck - Watching the mother tending to her baby was such a sweet and emotional experience for me. Her gentleness with the baby was incredible. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda.Second Place Wildlife-Babies: Chris Swindal - This little lion cub plays ‘catch up’ with its other siblings and mom. Namiri Plains, Serengeti, Tanzania.Third Place Wildlife-Babies: Walter Diehl - ‘Baby Elephant with an Attitude’ in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. With ears flared, tail erect, and much trumpeting, the little elephant 'charged' to let us know that we were not welcome there.
First Place Scenery: Matt Bays - Along the Zambezi River, we spotted these two elephants enjoying a stroll in the water. Magnificent animals in such a perfect setting! This truly captures the essence of Africa. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.Second Place Scenery: Kavita Aggarwal - While stopping for lunch in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, we watched this family of elephants head to the river for their afternoon drink.Third Place Scenery: Chris Donovan - An unforgettable last impression of Africa -- elephants in glorious sunset on our final night in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
First Place Clients on Safari: Within an hour of their arrival at the Mana Pools airstrip, the Iglehart family has a close encounter with one of the famous bull elephants in the park. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.Second Place Clients on Safari: Linda and Skip Shipman and Alan and Diane Lutz just outside their Sahara desert camp in Morocco. ‘It was windy and getting worse. By the time we returned to camp everything was covered in sand and we had to retreat inside.’Third Place Clients on Safari: Holding up tree on walkway along Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – (Front to back) Rob, Andrea, Matt, Jared, Rich & Lori Goldman were relieved when the next family came by and took over holding the tree up.
First Place People of Africa: Betty Reed - Our guide was paddling the mokoro around the lily pads, and he started joking around and he put one on his head, in the form of a hat. I caught his smile at just the right minute. Xigera Camp, Botswana.Second Place People of Africa: Ariella Midolo - During our drive from Ngorongoro to the Serengeti National Park, the Maasai boy was herding the cattle across the gravel road. For the Maasai, cattle represent wealth and power to their tribe.Third Place People of Africa: Susan Bender - This group of Maasai adolescents in Tarangire, Tanzania, were sent away from their tribe for their circumcision ritual. Interesting contrast compared to the other brightly dressed tribe members.
First Place Birds: Michael Shepard - In the first hour of sunlight in Namibia’s Hoanib River Valley, 3 ostriches race for cover across the deep sand. The early morning rays shined through the sand as these shy birds made for cover.Second Place Birds: Elissa Warantz - Carmine bee-eaters nesting along the river bank in Mana Pools National Park. During a day of canoeing on the Zambezi River I captured this photo thanks to my intrepid guide, Nick Murray.Third Place Birds: Scott Coston - This dark chanting goshawk went through several twigs before settling on the one with thorns. Seems a bit sharp for bedding material. Namiri Plains Camp, Southern Serengeti, Tanzania.