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Matobo (Matopos) Hills National Park



Matobo Hills is one of Africa’s most unique national parks. This 164 mi² (424 km²) national park’s hundreds granite rock formations precariously balanced on gray kopjes (rock outcrops) provide a truly unique, picturesque landscape. Many of the region’s rock faces serve as canvases for the more than 3500 ancient San Bushman rock paintings (the highest concentration in all of Africa). A guided tour of at least one of these caves is undoubtedly worthwhile.


Matobo is also a wildlife haven. Part of the park is an IPZ (Intensive Protection Zone) for black and white rhino, while leopard, sable antelope, giraffe, zebra, hippo, civet, genet, balck-backed and side-striped jackal, caracal and porcupine are also seen. For birdwatchers, Matobo Hills is notable for the highest concentration of eagles in the world, which include Wahlberg’s eagle, crowned eagle, African hawk eagle and black eagle.


Matobo Hills is also the burial site of Cecil Rhodes. The site, called “World’s View,” is located at a huge rock kopje that offers sensational panoramas, especially at sunrise and sunset. Through the Mother Africa Trust, guests are offered a bevy of “voluntourism” opportunities to assist the local communities and conservation efforts within Matobo Hills.


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