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Daniel Nyamoga

Daniel was born in 1979 in Botswana where his father was working as an expert in bee keeping. He moved to Tanzania when he was 2 years old and joined primary school in 1987. He later joined Pomerini Polytechnic Secondary School in Iringa and completed his secondary education in 1997. He later joined Sangu High School in Mbeya for his A-level in 2000 and finished in 2002.

While growing up, Daniel had 3 dreams, either to become a guide or teacher or a journalist. However since his father was doing bee keeping and did a lot of travelling, Daniel spent much of his time in the bush with his father telling the family all the good stories of what happens in the wild hence developed interest in wildlife. In 2003, he attended the Professional Tour Guide School for a one year certificate course in Tour guiding and leadership. Upon graduation he decided to take a further course in cultural tourism at the same college and completed in 2006 with a Diploma in Cultural Tourism.

Daniel began his guiding career in 2006. When studying wildlife, Ecology was actually his favorite subject and had a strong affection for it. He had great interest in how connected things are within the natural world. He enjoys guiding and has found it very special in a way that it gives him the opportunity to see wildlife and interact with people from different parts of the world. He loves all the creatures living in the wild and appreciates their great contribution to the world’s ecosystem. He feels so lucky to work in a World Heritage Site - The Serengeti.

He is married and has a daughter. Daniel spends his free time with his family, playing volleyball, watching football and doing lots of studying to further improve on his knowledge.