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Sangha Lodge

Vintage A lodge or tented camp with very good food and service, and many have swimming pools. The rooms/tents are of good size but perhaps not as large as "Classic" properties. Facilities could be "Classic," but located in a sub-standard game viewing area.

Sangha Lodge is located in the C.A.R.'s Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve and overlooks the Sangha River. The lodge features seven wood and thatch bungalows with en suite bathrooms including hot and cold running water, shower and flush toilet. The main lounge area offers a dining area with a large communal table and views overlooking the Sangha River. The bar is well stocked with cold drinks.

Activities center around the Dzanga National Park to track the western lowland gorillas and visit Dzanga Bai to find the forest elephant. The area is rich for birding or fishing for the goliath tiger fish.

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