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Olakira Migration Camp


Olakira Migration Camp is a small, seasonal mobile tented camp that follows the Great Migration in the Serengeti. The camp is situated in the southern region from December 1-March 31. During June 01-November 15, it moves to the northern Serengeti and is ideally located on the Mara River on one of the traditional migration crossing sites. This is an exclusive camping site and no other camps are located in the region. Community visits are available when based in the northern Serengeti. 

The camp consists of nine luxury mobile tents with comfortable beds and bathroom facilities. The tents are designed so that they boast a 270-degree view from beneath a meshed net, offering an outdoor experience whilst still remaining indoors. The intimate mess tent serves top food and drinks, a lounge tent and fire place for drinks and relaxation and an opportunity to meet other guests and talk about the day’s game viewing.

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