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Kilimanjaro Climb

Mt. Kilimanjaro is divided into two halves by a line running north/south between Barafu Camp and Kibo Hut.

The five main ascent routes are: Rongai, Marangu, Shira, Machame, and Umbwe. Climbs begin on a Saturday (depart USA on Friday) and depart weekly.

Rongai route can be done in 5 days or 6 days. The most gradual gradient and shortest distance to the summit and also the only route that approaches Kibo from the north. Less traveled than the alternative Marangu route.

Shira route is a 7 day climb and a good alternative to the Machame route. Only 3% of trekkers take this route compared to 20% on the alternative Machame. 6 or 7 day programs are offered.

Kilimanjaro, is for many walkers, the ultimate experience because it is the highest ‘walkable mountain’ in the world as well as the highest peak in Africa.

You will be led by a professional, local guide and are able to do the climb at your own pace. This is our way to increase your chances of making it to the summit. "Pole pole" — You will hear it 100 times over. It is Swahili for "slowly" and it is exactly what you must do especially for your first two days on the mountain. It's not a race and it is the only way your body has a chance to acclimatize to the 16,400 feet of altitude change you will encounter in 4 clays. LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDES AND WALK SLOWLY!!!!

Porters will carry the supplies. Food is cooked by one of the members of staff. Drink as much water as possible and try to finish your meals.

If you can make it to Gillman's Point (crater rim) — YOU CAN MAKE IT TO UHURU PEAK. The climb to Gillman Point is very long and very strenuous and you will be very tempted to turn around at this point (reaching Gillman Point is considered a success). The walk from the crater rim to Uhuru is very gradual and a lot easier then to the crater rim.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African Proverb

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It’s all about our clients, always has been!

Our guides, equipment, food and porters were excellent! 

I could not have been more pleased with our Kili climb that was arranged thru your company.  Our guides, equipment, food and porters were excellent! The Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort where we stayed pre- and post-climb was first rate and...

Tom Ress

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