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Feline Fields Lodge

Classic A deluxe lodge or tented camp, almost all with swimming pools, excellent food and service, large nicely appointed rooms or tents with comfortable beds and tasteful decor; most of the lodges have air-conditioning and the tents are usually fan-cooled.

Located in the midst of Botswana's Kalahari Desert, Feline Fields Lodge offers a secluded, contemporary retreat. Elevated on wooden platforms, the lodge features 6 tented suites (including 3 pool suites) as well as a 2-bed family villa. The main are includes a bar, library, fireplace, dining area, lounge and a pool visited often by elephants. Activities include game drives, guided walks, biking, starbed, horseback rides, visits with local San (bushmen), and visit to the Gcwihaba Caves, a World Heritage site.

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