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2016, Babies
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Bill Schmidt – On the final drive of our safari, we spotted these serval kittens at play on a termite mound in the southern Maasai Mara. They kept us in view, but quickly returned to their game of hide and seek. What a wonderful parting gift!Jean-Marie Girardot – Several lionesses and playing cubs were by the side of the path. Two cubs decided to climb a tree and stood on a lower branch and this cub was just watching them. Serengeti, Tanzania.Fred Stults – A very cute baby elephant acknowledged our presence at the watering hole. Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana
Ellen Hoff – The November grass in MalaMala was so short that seeing even the smaller creatures was easy. This young rhino had obviously enjoyed his mud roll. MalaMala Game Reserve, South Africa.Jean-Marie Girardot – Our last morning in the northern Serengeti enroute to the airstrip we came upon this young male leopard playing with a very small dead warthog. He was behaving like a cat with a mouse.Susan Sheridan – We witnessed the miraculous birth of this foal. It took a mere 11 minutes from being out of the womb until standing on her own. The mother never made a sound. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
Susan Sheridan – It took three tries for this little foal to stand successfully and then wobbled with her mother to a nearby tree for some support. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.Loretta Coppola – The sun was positioned perfectly to capture this tender moment between mother and baby during our second gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.Mara Perkins – During a game drive at Rattray’s in South Africa, this beautiful mother leopard had two cubs and we got to watch her nursing. She let us know we were not welcomed any closer. Fabulous sighting!
Lou Grossman – We watched a mother position her one month calf to nurse. The safari experience was simply incredible. Rattray’s, MalaMala, South Africa.Stuart Hahn – Taken at the MalaMala Game Reserve in the morning in low light. We came across a lion family and this is a photo of one of the cubs.Bill Schmidt – Just after dawn our Sala’s Camp guides spotted this mother and cub. We watched as they sauntered through the clearing with the cub leaping to keep up with her mom. Then they stopped and posed for us. Perfect. Maasai Mara, Kenya.
Pam Katz - Gorillas are nursed and cared for by their mothers for the first 4 years of their lives. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.Rod Kuo - Tanda Tula Private Game Reserve, South Africa - Feeling confident under mum's watchful eye, the lion cubs were happily playing when one walked towards us with much determined intent.Helen Reinhardt – We watched a troop of baboons cavorting in the road and then were fortunate enough to witness this tender family interaction.  It was heartwarming to see.
Bill Harker – We saw 6 mother cheetahs with cubs of varying numbers and sizes at Namiri Camp, Serengeti.Chris Swindal – Following the waterline at DumaTau, we came across a very relaxed herd of elephants. The tiny baby was no more than a day or two old. She splashed about in the shallows and awkwardly waved her little trunk around.Eric Gurwin – Epic leopard sightings at the MalaMala Game Reserve including a mother with two 6 month old cubs. MalaMala, South Africa.
Janis Webb – We have followed Malaika, the cheetah, since she was born. This is one of Malaika's two remaining cubs. Sadly, four were killed by buffalo. Maasai Mara, KenyaVikki Canfield – The young giraffe was spotted in the Serengeti, Tanzania. He seemed to stop and pose for me.Susan Sheridan – In Hwange, we had the luxury to watch elephants for hours. The little babies would climb into these depressions only to have trouble trying to climb out. This baby needed to rest once he was ‘on land’ again.
Susan Sheridan – As aggressive as lionesses could be on the hunt or protecting her young, so could she be gentle and soothing. We saw many scenes like this with ‘mother and young’ across species.Elissa Warantz – Mother leopard and cubs, in Gonarezhou NP, Zimbabwe.  We spotted the leopard unsuccessfully hunting a klipspringer. The cubs popped up from behind a log, just a short distance from where the hunt took place.Rebecca Hirschwerk – In the early morning on the Serengeti, we saw this baby giraffe only minutes after it had been born. You can actually see the placenta still attached to the mother! We watched it learn to stand and how to walk.
Chris Swindal – ‘Sekekama’ from the Nat Geo Wild ‘Savage Kingdom’, meandered around the pride rubbing faces with the lionesses. One cub trotted over to Sekekama and stood under his immense mane trying to do the same thing. Chobe, Botswana.Chet Stein – The Alpha female wild dog had 16 pups. They were being guarded from predators outside the den primarily by their aunt. A vulture was trying to get the scraps of leftover meat and the babysitter would chase the bird away.Bill Harker – Hiding her cubs in this kopje, one little guy slipped down the rock and was crying like crazy.  The mother opted for tough love and eventually the little guy found a way back up the kopje.  Lesson learned? Namiri Plains, Serengeti
Fred Stults – During our time at Mashatu Game Reserve, we received an early morning greeting from mom and her adorable little guy.  Junior was playing the bold protector with faux charges and flapping his ears.Helen Reinhardt – This baby vervet monkey was curious about our vehicle but his mother had eyes only for him.  It looks like the baby has been rolling around on the ground.  There is plant material stuck all over his coat.Cathy Self – A young leopard cub was a thrill from our morning game drive on Kenya’s Maasai Mara.
Susan Sheridan – we sat in the midst of a pride walking to a watering hole in Hwange (four adult females, 3 one-month olds and 7 four-month olds). Every few yards the adults would look back to make sure the little ones were safe.Josena Wadle – This very young elephant was still getting the hang of drinking. It was adorable to watch his clumsy attempts, losing his balance, and being helped by his mother.  Taken at the ‘dishpan’ water hole, Duma Tau Camp, Botswana.Oren Kantor – This leopard cub was playing with his sibling. They were playing the way little kids do, pouncing back and forth on each other. Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa
Chet Stein – These cubs were being moved from their overnight hiding place  to a watering hole. The cubs were comical.  The younger ones would get even with the older ones by sneaking up and biting the tips of their tails. Chitabe Camp, BotswanaAnn Johnson – Taken in Namibia’s Ongava Game Reserve. We had paused to see an elephant stroll out of the bush and then these rhinos came from the other direction into the clearing. They were approximately 25 feet away. It was thrilling!Mary Lippold – Fierce predator near Chitabe Camp, Botswana, showing her loving maternal side to one of her two 5-6 month old cubs.
David Mounsey – Kids will be kids, even baboons, Governor's Il Moran Camp, Oct, 2017Eric Gurwin – The game viewing on the MalaMala Game Reserve was superb! We saw elephants and rhino from our lunch table.