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2015, Birds
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1st Place Birds: Reid Dusenberry - The lighting was perfect for this sighting of the Verreaux’s eagle owl that Dan, our driver, spotted at Mashatu in Botswana.2nd Place Birds: John Burke - Gray-headed kingfisher at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.3rd Place Birds: Eric Gurwin - The red necked falcon is found in semi-desert, savannah and other dry open country.
Eric Gurwin - Our boat trips along the Nile providing amazing bird life including the elusive shoebill stork. (Murchison Falls, Uganda)Eric Gurwin - The bee eaters (featured here), jacanas, storks and even the Nile crocs paid us little attention as we drifted by and got some wonderful photos. (Murchison Falls, Uganda)Alex Kostich - I liked how these ostriches were walking towards the giant Dune 45, like the rest of us tourists wanting to climb it. Sossusvlei, Namibia.
Alex Kostich - Lilac breasted rollers never seem to sit still, but I caught this one moments before he took flight from his perch.Jim Everlove - As I walked from our tent to the outdoor shower, I glanced to my right. These 2 owls were perched on a tree branch and they just stared at me. Proof that you need your camera ready!  (Ngala Tented Camp, South Africa)Chris Donovan - The return of our whale-watching vessel to dock sent this pinkish pelican into flight in Namibia’s Walvis Bay.
Mark Greenberg - A tawny eagle found in the Maasai Mara on our last day of safari before heading home.Mark Greenberg - A male Maasai ostrich standing guard over the harem's eggs.  This a sight to behold.  Each egg is the equivalent in size to 24 hen eggs!!  (Samburu, Kenya)Eric Gurwin -  Hornbills are omnivorous and feed on fruit, insects and small animals.  To eat, they toss the food in the air and then swallow
Eric Gurwin - The bird life on the Nile was remarkable, from fish eagles and harriers to the impossibly beautiful Malachite (featured here) perched along the banks of the river. (Murchison Falls, Uganda)Dylan Lee - During our canoe trip down the Zambezi River Egyptian geese, an open-billed stork, and a sacred ibis launched into flight. (Mana Pools, Zimbabwe)Chris Donovan - Squabbling flamingo in Namibia’s Walvis Bay; some nasty rain let up just in time for us to catch them in the sunlight.
Eric Gurwin - A unique bird we viewed in Uganda included the casqued hornbill with its oversized bill and large casque on top.Eric Gurwin - A 'gymnogene' is also known as a harrier hawk is a large raptor with a rather small head compared to its body size. (Murchison Falls, Uganda)Pam Hall - The pigmy kingfisher was perched along the Kazinga Channel which flows between Lake Edward and Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. His beautiful colors made him easy to spot but he quickly flew away.
Bruce Kingsbury - We saw a large flock of grey crowned cranes against the greenery of the Salt Springs area in the South Luangwa.  It was the best look we got at the cranes in our three days at the camp. Tafika Camp, Zambia.Barbara Lyndrup - The bird life at MalaMala and Mashatu was prolific even in the depth of winter. This is a pearl-spotted owl.Mark Greenberg – Martial eagle found in Amboseli on our last day before heading out to Samburu.
Eric Gurwin - By Uganda’s Murchison Falls we were fortunate to see two Shoebill Storks, one sub-adult in gorgeous light and one adult....nothing quite prepares one for seeing these prehistoric looking birds. It was truly a highlight of the trip.Dan Eckmann - One of Africa’s most beautiful birds – a lilac breasted roller during our stay at Vumbura Plains, Botswana.David Rosoff - African Bee Eater posing on a log, perched watching for prey.  This was in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
Elissa Warantz - We saw these flamingos very early in the morning on Lake Ndutu, on the way from the Serengeti camp to Ngorongoro Crater.  Too beautiful to resist stopping to take some shots!David Rosoff - This is my favorite bird picture that I took. The lilac breasted roller puffed up in a breeze just as I snapped the photo.  Great Color!!!Bob Kaplan - In addition to the mammals in Tarangire National Park, there were many birds to be seen, including this Red Bellied Parrot.
Elissa Warantz - This martial eagle was taken during a day trip to Tanzania’s Arusha National Park. We were hoping for a huge bird count and wanted to reach over 260 species.  Spotting this eagle helped get us there!Gerald and Lisa Evey - Our guide was taking us to our surprise breakfast in the bush. To distract us they said look in the trees for an owl and boom, there was an eagle owl looking at us.  Magic! (Phinda, South Africa)Eric Gurwin - Abssynian ground hornbill are carnivorous and eat small mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and insects. (Murchison Falls, Uganda)
William Webb - Bee-eater along the Mara River in Kenya's Maasai Mara.Michael O'Brien - We saw these pied kingfishers while we were floating down the Kazinga channel in Uganda. They sat there watching the other birds trying to fish like 2 guys eating wings watching TV.Bruce Kingsbury - As we were leaving Hwange airstrip, we learned there was a pair of ostriches with 10 babies at the other end of the airstrip.  We had just a few minutes to observe them before our plane took us back to Victoria Falls.
Eric Gurwin - A tawny eagle stays alert looking for prey. (Okavango Delta, Botswana)William Webb - Male crowned crane, Maasai Mara, Kenya.Marie Caner - ‘Please let me sleep.’ A spectacular owl during my stay at Nxai Pan Camp, Botswana.
Chris Donovan - A kori bustard makes his way through the harsh and dry Etosha brush.  There were some very experienced safari veterans in our group, but this was their first kori bustard.  I got big points for identifying it.Reid Dusenberry - Southern red-billed hornbill were our constant companions while we were at Mashatu in Botswana and seemed to enjoy posing for photos!Karl Newmeyer - This was taken on an afternoon drive at Hwange. Our wonderful Linkwasha guide Lewis and this beautiful Lilac Breasted Roller were both very patient, so Karl got this shot!
Elissa Warantz - We spotted this long-crested eagle in the Ngorongoro Crater, along with dozens of other species of birds (and animals) — but none posed quite so beautifully as this.Chris Donovan - Ostrich dot the landscape throughout Namibia, often dwarfed by the majestic mountains and dunes.  This one was spotted heading out of Sossusvlei.Jim Kleeman -While photographing flamingos taking off from Lake Magadi I noticed there was a split second before actually taking flight when they appeared to be walking on water. After a few tries I was able to capture that exact moment. Ngorongoro Crater
Maura Mazzer - While on safari in the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia. The bee-eaters are spectacular with such bright colors.Eric Gurwin - A pied gray headed kingfisher (left) shares a branch with a woodland kingfisher (right) on the Nile River. (Uganda)Erica Dorrington - A unique sighting - this vulture plucked out his own feather underneath his wing, and with intention, placed it on the carcass.  (Central Kalahari Reserve, Botswana)
Bruce Kingsbury - Lilac-Breasted Rollers are one of our favorite African birds.  We have seen them frequently at all of the camps we have visited in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  South Luangwa N.P.John Burke - In my opinion, flamingos are among the silliest of birds on the planet. Arusha National Park, Tanzania.Gillian Weatherhead - As the sun rose at Duma Tau, our incredible birding guide, Emax, saw this little bee-eater warming up on the branch of an acacia bush. (Linyanti Reserve, Botswana)
Gillian Weatherhead - Our guide, Sam, had the most amazing eyesight.  He spotted this eagle owl far up in a tree as we zipped past searching for a cheetah whose tracks he'd been following. (Okavango Delta, Botswana)