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Tsile Tsile

Tsile Tsile was born in the small village of Sepopa, in Botswana’s most remote and pristine wetland, the Okavango Delta. He is a member of the Bayei people, who first introduced mekoro to the Delta. He grew up on a cattle post and credits Sepopa with being the place that first inspired in him a love of wilderness and wildlife. 

After school, he was employed by the Botswana Police Force as a policeman for three years, but quickly came to the realization that he was destined for other things. And so he joined Wilderness Safaris, first as a bar tender, and a year later, on acquisition of his Professional Guide’s License, as a guide – the career for which he was born.  

After four years at “classic” Duba Plains he was seconded to Mombo, one of Wilderness’ premier camps, where he has been for the past eight years, working his way from guide to Head Guide and now Manager Guide. 

His experience, expertise and passion for nature and astronomy are reasons Mombo has been voted best destination by Condé Nast three times in a row. 

Nov 2012: Thanks Tsile for finding Pula’s new born cub. What a moment to share in Legodema’s dynasty! - Alison Nolting, owner

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Client Feedback

Our game drives in each camp were amazing. The guides were very knowledgeable and considerate of our every need and interest. At Savuti Goodman was our guide, His enthusiasm and love for the Botswana wilderness was contagious. At Kwetsani, our guide was Ronald. He is a walking encyclopedia of information about the African wilds. We learned so much from him. At Mombo, we had two guides --Tsile and Doctor Mallinga. Both were excellent and knew just where to go to make sure we saw everything there was to see, especially lions and leopards. These are so magnificent. We saw them in various activities and all ages. Esther is an outstanding guide and is very proud of the fact that she works only for you. She gave us an excellent tour of the Falls which were flowing at their peak and were very impressive. We had the added benefit of having Map, the Wilderness Safaris ecology director, travel with us at Mombo. His understanding of the African bush is amazing. We felt so fortunate to have him with us. Of course, the magnificence of the experience was the wildlife. The animals are truly amazing, and we saw so many at each camp. I would not say that any camp was better the n another as far as wildlife sightings. The guides were very diligent in trying to show us the wonder of the Botswana wilderness. We saw everything that we had hoped to see many times over. Our only disappointment was not being able to see any rhinos, but that was due to the high water levels. They were in a part of Chief's Island that was not accessible. The delta is beautiful this year because of the high water, however. We had a wonderful mokoro ride, so peaceful and calm. The boat rides were really quite thrilling. I wouldn't want to go when the water was not there, because it adds so much to the beauty of the OkavangoRead More 
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