Safari Planning

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Underneath is the  "What Wildlife is Best Seen Where" chart which is also a very useful tool on deciding where to travel.

As an award winning safari outfitter and tour operator our travel planning value lies in spending time on the phone with you in order that we can cuarate all the information you have gathered in your research and match to the right Safari Style.

Driving safaris are simply safaris in which guests are driven by their driver/guide from reserve to reserve. You generally have the same guide throughout the safari, who will have a very good knowledge of all the parks and reserves to be visited. For instance many of our trips to Tanzania and/or Kenya may have a component where you drive from park to park with a private guide and vehicle. We do feature small group departures which can make it more affordable to have a high quality guide throughout, in particular with Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

On flying safaris, guests are flown to or near the wildlife reserves that are to be visited. They are then picked up at the airport or airstrip upon arrival and driven to their camp or lodge — which is usually a game drive in itself. Guides and vehicles are based at the camps and lodges at which guests will be staying. A real advantage is that the resident guides have an intimate knowledge of the area because they are usually based in the same camp for the season. Typically this would be an independent style of travel where we book all the flights and accommodations for you will join other guests at each of the camps. Again we do feature some specialist guided group departures that fly between the parks, giving you the same quality guide throughout.  These are common in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia and Namibia.

Private departure safaris offer a more individualized experience, beginning with your choice of a date to depart on your travels. Depending on the destination, you have either your own driver/guide throughout, or the services of a guide at each stop in the itinerary. You travel by vehicle, scheduled flights or charter flights between smaller private lodges and permanent tented camps in more remote locations and we co-ordinate all these customized logistics. The private safari matches an independent style of travel to combine your preferences for departure dates, game parks and accommodations. For greater intimacy, a couple, family or friends might prefer traveling as a private party and book the services of a specialist guide.

Group safaris are pre-scheduled for you to embark on a locally guided, group expedition, traveling between game parks in each country. You stay at selected hotels, lodges, bungalows and permanent tented camps. The optimum size of a group departure is 6-10. On a scheduled, small group departure, you usually travel with mixed English speaking nationalities and people of varying ages. These group departures allows you to afford a quality guiding experience.

An African safari can be experienced in a myriad ways – all exciting!. We like to chat with you about your level of fitness so the variety of activities included in your itinerary match your expectations. Most often, game viewing is best accomplished in the early mornings and late afternoons when wildlife is most active and the lighting is more photo-friendly. Your guide plans these outings to usually last 3 to 5 hours. Depending on the park or reserve, your guide will take you on morning or afternoon game drives in search of wildlife. In some reserves you also may take night game drives to explore the world of nocturnal creatures. Other game viewing options are approaching animals from the water by boat or canoe, taking game walks and tracking footprints, trekking gorillas and chimps, riding on elephant or horse back, or viewing from above in a hot air balloon. You can take a break from pursuing wildlife and still be active. Consider visiting tribal villages; the invigorating options of white-water rafting, kayaking and fishing; hiking and climbing mountain trails; visiting relaxing at beautiful beach resorts or touring in the larger cities.

Game viewing by vehicle

Open vehicles usually have no side, rear windows or permanent roof, providing unobstructed views in all directions. They’re used in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, parts of Tanzania, and private reserves in South Africa and Kenya. Roof hatch or poptop vehicles are used in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Namibia; passengers stand up through the hatch for ease of viewing and photography.

Game viewing by boat

Canoe, mokoro (dugout canoe) and motor boats are excellent for game viewing. Elephant, buffalo, hippo and many other species that drink at the water's edge may be approached up close by boat. These excursions occur in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Game viewing on foot

A walking safari is the ultimate way to experience the African bush. The thrill of walking up to a bull elephant, black rhino or gorillas is exciting beyond words. An expert guide can help you identify birds, flowers, trees and wildlife. You will even learn how to track animals by their spoor (footprints). True walking safaris are available in Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Other styles of walking safaris are offered in Botswana, South Africa and parts of Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania. To view gorillas you trek in the forested areas of Uganda and Rwanda.

The Value of Africa Adventure Company

The value we add lies in our insider know-how of the places we specialize in, based on our frequent and recent trips there. As professional travel consultants we listen and hear what is important to you and can make educated suggestions. Our value is in how we’ve personally tested all the hotels and transportation and activities, so that we know what’s worth paying more for, and what’s not. Our value is in the personal relationships we have with key people in the industry—connections that we use on behalf of our travelers to match you up to outstanding guides. Our value is in the special access we can provide to places and people and events that are unavailable to travelers who book online as our clients are identified as traveling under our branded umbrella.

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Guides on Safari

Our stellar reputation has been built over the years on the value we provide in ensuring the high quality of guides who take you on your wildlife viewing. We are very involved in supporting guides at grass roots level, and run and support guide initiatives recognising wildlife naturalists who excel at the highest level. We love the cross-pollination of culture that happens when clients travel to Africa and support our company philosophy of using guides employed from local communities. These local guides appreciate your choice of an Africa safari trip, and their passion and dedication will conserve the wildlife for years to come.

Countries and Park Destinations

The East Africa and Southern Africa Country Info and maps are useful in your destination decisions.  The Parks Info offers individual maps that show location of accommodations and Best Time to Go chart.

In recent years Botswana has earned a reputation as perhaps the finest safari destination in Africa – offering a pristine, exclusive, un-crowded wilderness experience.

In Tanzania; between Africa's highest mountain, (Kilimanjaro) and Africa's largest lake (Victoria) lies one of the best game viewing areas on the continent. This region includes the world's largest un-flooded intact volcanic caldera (Ngorongoro) and the most famous wildlife park (the Serengeti), as well as Masai and Bushmen tribes.

South Africa is the leader in providing the highest level of food, service and accommodations. Many Americans have realized this and are now vacationing in this "World Within One Country." In addition to wildlife,

Namibia has some of the most spectacular desert scenery in the world. It is famous for its stark beauty, diversity of tribes, and it is a geologist's and naturalist's paradise.

Zambia has small, personal safari camps offering a variety of active options, including walking and night drives in remote parks.

Zimbabwe is the best country for escorted walking and canoe safaris, and shares magnificent Victoria Falls with Zambia. It's one thing to be driven up to an elephant, it is a completely different experience to walk and/or canoe up to one!

Kenya is well known for the magnificent Serengeti Migration (shared with Tanzania) of more than one million wildebeest and zebra in the Masai Mara. The culture of the Masai, Samburu and other tribes contribute to making this a top safari destination.

Uganda and Rwanda are well known as the best destinations for trekking to see endangered mountain gorillas – one of the most exciting adventures available in all of Africa!