The 5 values of The Africa Adventure Company (AAC)

The Africa Adventure Company (AAC) plans excellent value and well-orchestrated safaris. Our travel planning reputation is based on matching your style of travel to a quality wildlife itinerary with outstanding guiding. Begin by discussing several destination and trip ideas with one of our safari consultants and then decide if you prefer booking a pre-designed program "as is". Or alternatively, CUSTOMIZE A TRIP, taking advantage of our expertise, perhaps by modifying a selected itinerary or designing your own specific safari program.

1.The value we add lies in our insider know-how of the places we specialize in, based on our frequent and recent trips there. As professional travel consultants we listen and hear what is important to you and can make educated suggestions.

2. Our value is in how we've personally tested all the hotels and transportation and activities, so that we know what's worth paying more for, and what's not.

3. Our value is in the personal relationships we have with key people in the 'industry;' connections that we use on behalf of our travelers to match you up to outstanding guides.

4. Our value is in the special access we can provide to places and people and events that are unavailable to travelers who book online as our clients are identified as traveling under our branded umbrella.

5. And our utmost value is in how we come to the rescue 24/7, should anything go wrong. In short, we give discerning travelers what they cannot get from the Web-based companies, and at no extra cost.