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July 2014, The Izzo Family
14 Day-Private Family Safari Exploring Tanzania’s Wilderness and Wildlife

14 Day Family Wildlife and Wilderness Private Safari to Tanzania **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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My family and I want to thank you for the incredible trip that exceeded our expectations. Your help in planning the itinerary was truly invaluable. We really enjoyed meeting the three different tribes and visiting the private school. It was a once in a life time experience that all of us will never forget. Especially, hunting with the bushman and watching them kill, prepare, and eat squirrels over a fire. The wildlife was truly amazing and so captivating to watch the animals in their natural habitat. The highlight for me was being able to fulfill a long awaited dream of watching the great migration before my very eyes. What an incredible sight it was to see thousands of wildebeests moving in unison and crossing the Mara River determined to reach their destination.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Finally, and most importantly the jewel of the trip was our outstanding guide, Ephata. We can not say enough about him. He captured my family's hearts from teaching my children Swahili, to helping cultivate my oldest new found interest in birds, to helping me fulfill one of goals on my bucket list by driving many extra miles out the way to reach and view the crossing. Or he would just sit around the fire or dinner laughing and sharing family stories with Dom and the rest of us.. Ephata helped us to really learn about life in Tanzania.

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We all felt that the people at the different campsites were very warm and welcoming. They truly made our stays very comfortable. Our accommodations made us feel close to our natural surroundings. Your staff was extremely helpful in informing us with detailed information and itineraries. Also, they were very knowledgeable when we called with questions from vaccinations to packing.

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Keep up the great work!! Fondly