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July 2014, Janet Arnold
12 Day-“Best of Southern African Safari” to Sabi Sand, Chobe, Cape Town and Victoria Falls

11 Day Active Wildlife Safari of Southern Africa **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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…We had a wonderful, wonderful trip and I have already given your name and the Africa Adventure name to all of my friends who have been thinking of an Africa trip. I hope some of them will actually decide to go!...

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Guides – All the guides and drivers were wonderful.

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Mala Mala – What a wonderful place! Main Camp was my dream location for our safari. Teddy Roosevelt would have felt quite at home and I kept expecting him to walk through the door. Lovely guide – Robin Nester - took exceptional care of us. Brought drinks at dinner, arranged early morning coffee in the room before breakfast, scouted for leopards like a maniac. Charming and interesting guy. Last night there we ate with the owners and heard lots of local and English stories that were fascinating to us Americans. Nice people, lovely room, terrific food and we loved eating in the kraal. The whole style of the camp was perfect for us.

Hazy View – We had a great guide that day…We loved Pot Holes. One of the most interesting natural wonders we have seen. Had a lovely, short stay at the Rissington Inn.

Muchenje (Chobe) – Also a lovely camp. Much smaller and newer, but also an interesting style that we were looking for and we had a wonderful time. Service was excellent. The owner, manager and manager’s wife ate with us, entertained us and gave us those wonderful, warm ponchos for night game drives. Again, very nice people and guides. Food very good but not as good as Mala Mala.

Victoria Falls – What an amazing old gem. We had a spectacular time. Seemed extremely expensive after the rest of our adventure, but it was worth it…We ate in the formal dining room one night and had a wonderful dinner…

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Elena and team, I am FINALLY sending my thoughts on our wonderful trip…We had a spectacular time. Thank you all so much for making this happen for us.