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Savuti Camp visit by Miles Nolting

July 29, 2022 General

Hello safariers! I’m writing to let you know that I will be spending the summer in Southern Africa. My goal is to visit as many spectacular safari destinations as possible and to share some photos and videos with you along the way.

My first visit was to Savuti Camp in northern Botswana. During the dry season, this area becomes heavily concentrated with wildlife – especially elephants and big cats. Take a look at some of my highlights!

A leopard cub gazing back at me from a top a termite mound.

This same cub was on the constant look out for prey – but the constant alarm calls of nearby birds made any attempt futile!

During the mid-day heat, elephants like this one like to cool down with a swim in the lagoon and devour Lilly pads.

This giraffe towered over his companions, eating leaves well out of reach for the others.

A small pride of lions enjoyed the last glimmers of light as the sun set. This lioness intently looked for any signs of prey.

Neither a cub nor fully grown, this young male lion will have to wait some time before he can lead his own pride.

My guide and I came across a mating pair of lions. They seemed more interested in resting than mating though!

I stayed three nights at Savuti Camp. I like how spacious the tents were, as well as the “classic safari” feel of the camp and the friendly staff.