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Rhoda Barnett & Kollin Buchholz – Kenya January 2020

January 17, 2020 Office Trip Reports
A journey of giraffe in the Maasai Mara


Kollin & Rhoda’s itinerary

Rhoda & Kollin’s itinerary best parallels our “11-Day Conservation Luxury Flying Safari to Kenya.” Per person sharing rates start at $6150.


Top: Aerial view of the newly built Mara Nyika Bottom: view from one of Lodo Spring‘s stylish tents

Laikipia – Lodo Springs

Laikipia – Lewa Wilderness

Maasai Mara – Tangulia Mara

Maasai Mara – Mara Plains

Maasai Mara – Mara Nyika

Top: one of Mara Plains‘ luxurious, classic-style tents Bottom: a photogenic bush breakfast arranged by Lewa Wilderness

Laikipia – Loisaba & Lewa

Laikipia offers an appealing assortment of adventurous activities that gets you out of your game drive vehicle, virtually all of which are inclusive

Both Kollin & Rhoda really enjoyed thier time at Lodo Springs & Lewa Wilderness Lodge. They particularly extolled Lewa Wilderness Lodge, which Kollin had the following to say about:

Wilderness Lodge captured everything I love about safari. The included activities are exciting and numerous, while the lodge itself and staff are superb – this is a place that deserves 3-4 nights. The experiences and feel of this camp are going to be hard to beat!”

Because the Laikipia region is a collection of conservancies and not national parks nor reserves, wildlife and people co-inhabit the land. By providing local communities financial incentives to collaborate in conservation efforts, this model has, in many instances, been as successful or more so than the traditional national park/reserve model.

Kollin & Rhoda were able to join Lewa Wilderness Lodge‘s Will Craig on a bi-plane flight

While at Lewa Wilderness Lodge, Rhoda and Kollin jumped at the chance to fly on a bi plane. Flown by owner-manager Will Craig, the flight was exhilarating and offered beautiful aerial views of the conservancy. No doubt it was a memorable experience for the two of them!

Arrangement for a scenic bi-plane flight can be made either advance with your AAC safari consultant or upon arrival at the lodge. The bi plane flight comes highly recommended!

The Laikipia region is arguably the best place in East Africa to see rhinos – Kollin & Rhoda got to experience that first-hand!

Not only did they see rhinos while at Laikipia, they saw them numerous times, and in some instances, up-close! This isn’t too surprising – Laikipia is known as arguably the best place in East Africa to see both white and black rhino. Check AAC’s “What Wildlife is Best Seen Where” chart below.

The conservancy models adopted are a big reason why – community collaboration in reintroduction and anti-poaching efforts have made this region a rare success story for rhino conservation efforts in Africa.

Maasai Mara

Clockwise from Top Left: a young zebra attempting to cross the Mara River; an inquisitive topi; a Grey Crowned Crane; an elephant in no rush
Clockwise from Top Left: Kollin in Mara Plains’ game drive vehicle; Kollin & Rhoda with Tangulia Mara‘s co-owners; Rhoda enjoying sundowners next to the Mara River with the Tangulia staff
The “Marsh” lion pride
Two Fighting Male Lions in the Maasai Mara – near Mara Nyika (Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya)
Clockwise from Top Left: a newborn zebra calf; warthogs – Rhoda’s favorite animal; a resting cheetah; a banded mongoose
A zebra foal’s shaky first steps – but mama’s not gonna let it be discouraged!