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Kollin Buchholz’s Ultimate Namibia Safari!

August 31, 2018 Office Trip Reports

Join AAC’s staff member Kollin Buchholz as he travels around Namibia on this Ultimate Scheduled Group safari.

Take a trip down an elephant track in this video below!

Aug 27

Greetings from Windhoek! I have arrived the capital city and checked in to the charming Olive Grove Guesthouse. I need to rest up as tomorrow our group departs to Sossusvlei.

Aug 28

Today we departed Windhoek and drove with our guide, Alpha, to Sossusvlei. Alpha is absolutely fantastic and is the perfect ambassador for Namibia. We have two nights at the Sossus Dune Lodge and tomorrow (Aug 29) we are going to explore Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and the surrounding dune fields, enjoying a picnic brunch in the shade of a camel thorn tree.

Aug 30

We have just arrived Swakopmund and about to head out to Tug for dinner! The town of Swakopmund was founded in 1892 and is the perfect base for exploring the seaside shops and restaurants as well as the adrenaline activities such as sandboarding, quad biking and deep sea fishing.

Aug 31

Just got back from kayaking on Walvis Bay. Honestly the best kayaking I’ve ever done. The seals were so fun and playful. I was even petting them. Quick wardrobe change and then out for some sandboarding before dinner!!!!

More adventure to follow…

Sep 02

It was an early wake-up call this morning as we set out in search of the infamous desert adapted elephant. Our fantastic guide, Alpha set expectations well – stating that the desert elephant herd in this area has only about 25-35 elephants so it is challenging to track them down. Luckily Alpha has experience tracking these elephants specifically and after about an hour of stopping to look at foot print direction and more to feel the temperature of the dung we found them on a clearing. A small family of 8 elephant were eating and lounging in the early morning light. We stayed with them, keeping a respectful distance so not to perturb the animals but still positioning near their walking path to get spectacular photos and a few videos I can’t wait to share! After tracking the elephants to a nearby spring – we returned to camp for a nice lunch and dip in the pool.

The afternoon was ripe for a visit to Twyfelfontein and the site of numerous ancient rock engravings and paintings. This visit was very well timed in the afternoon when crowds were dwindling and the sun cast a nice reddish hue on to the rock faces. Listening to the history and depictions on the rock faces by these ancient tribes got all of us pondering why they were carved and what the area could have looked like at that time. The discussion that followed was spectacular as everyone had interesting viewpoints on the origins.

Got back to camp in time for a nice shower and sunset atop the camp for the last time before we depart tomorrow for Etosha. Each day has been building upon the previous day and I can’t say enough about the consistency of traveling with a guide throughout the safari

Sep 03

We’re up early again this morning and everyone is teeming with excitement for the drive to Etosha with a stop at a Himba settlement along the way. The visit with the Himba was eye opening and very unique to other villages with the rich heritage these people have and have continued to pass along each generation.

The next stretch of road was similar to the previous drives with gravel roads – but this time, the conversation was rich on the topic of indigenous peoples and Himba customs. Very fun discussion and made the drive go by quickly.

Upon arrival at Etosha Heights and Safarihoek Lodge, we were greeted by a welcoming committee of tons of kudu, wildebeest and oryx crossing the road and playing in the water hole. As we turned the corner a herd of 11 bull elephant were making their way to the water hole. After bullying everyone elephants out of the mud, and got busy with wrestling  and mud baths. Such a fun way to start out this next leg of the trip!

The lodge is situated atop a Rocky Mountain and All of the rooms overlook a water hole on the plains below. That’s all for now- it’s time to get the binoculars out and see what can be seen at the water hole below!

Sep 04

Early departure from Safarihoek for full day in Etosha. Great game in the park. Lion. Elephant. Leopard. Kudu. Springbok. Steenbock. The game viewing is great at these little watering holes as it allows everyone to spread out and not congregate at one sighting.

Sep 05

I just got back from Etosha morning drive. Really excellent game viewing. Big male lion at first water hole of the day. Then mama cheetah with 3 cubs. Elephants and plains game plentiful of course. Then 2 black rhino. And back to the big male where 3 cubs and lioness joined in! On the game drive back to camp we encountered a lioness with a cub 5 feet from the road. Then 3 male cheetah stalking some springbok. All in all a very productive day. Lunch now. And an afternoon game drive later on the reserve. Hope to find the male lion who was in camp making searching calls all night!

Sep 06

My adventure has come to a close as I bid farewell to Namibia and look forward to sharing my adventures with my AAC family and clients.