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As Close As You Dare โ€“ Africa

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As Close As You Dare โ€“ Africa

Product Information
As Close As You Dare – Africa; Documentary (2007) Crowe World Media

Immerse yourself in the dangers, beauty, and humor of the African wilderness! As Close As You Dare – Africa was shot on location in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. It follows the extraordinary adventures of American artist Becci Crowe, as she returns to the African Bush. Accompanied by professional Wildlife Guide, Ivan Carter, and her husband, Mark Crowe, this film immerses you in startlingly close encounters with wildlife and a rare opportunity to interact with a disappearing culture, the San Bushmen. Inspired by the sheer beauty and dynamic interface of raw nature, Becci’s art takes shape and materializes during the film. Get close – AS Close As You Dare!

Strongly recommended for anyone interested in walking safaris and African cultures.

Price: $19.95
Sale Price : $9.95

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