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Customized Travel and Specialist Trips

The exciting specialist trips below are exclusive trips led by specialist guides. To celebrate our 25 year anniversary in 2011, several of the trips were escorted by fabulous staff members!

#1   Primates of Uganda/Rwanda - 2014: Feb 04, Jul 03 + Aug 31 - $7,950.00 pp

#2   Eyes on Elephants - 2014: Jun 21, Jul 12, Aug 15, Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 06, Sep 20 - $9,495.00 pp

#3   Under Tanzania Skies – 2014: Jan 18, Feb 08, Mar 08, Jun 07, Jul 05, Jul 19, Aug 02, Aug 23, Sep 13, Oct 11, Dec 20 - $7,295.00pp

#4   Voluntourism - all year -  








Each of our featured Africa Adventure Co. (AAC) Senior safari consultants is an expert to cover most destinations on the vast continent. For those travelers with an established passion for Africa, please let us go to work for you and tell us your interest and we will match you with the park, the style of safari and most importantly, a particular guide. This may be for just part of your safari or for the whole trip.

Mark Nolting is the author of "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" and top expert on panels for Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. Mark offers exceptional knowledge of traveling within Southern and East Africa and excels in matching you to key guides who he has known in the industry during the past 28 years. His list of favourites:

~Ethiopia Omo River trip - one special departure a year
~Private trips with specialist guides in Tanzania and Botswana
~Family safaris - offbeat and exciting 
~Multi-country itineraries (thrives on the challenge)
~Luxury and life enriching flying safaris (glamour)
~Adventure and Cultural - you name it, he will try to get you there

Alison Nolting grew up in Africa, worked in a safari camp and has traveled with Mark and their two boys (now 19 and 16) as a family for the past 20 years. Alison uses her experience to get you there time and again:

~Enriching family safaris to Tanzania, Botswana + Zimbabwe
~Multi-country itineraries (matching value to variety)
~Uganda (a favorite for primates and more)
~Zimbabwe (love planning trips for conscious travelers)
~Voluntourism/GAP in community/conservation (3 trips&growing)
~Scholarships (supporting future generations in conservation)

Kyle Witten has a passion for traveling in Africa and his attention to detail is fabulous! He is a one of the best in the travel industry:

~South Africa - Private Game Reserves and the Cape
~Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana - active wildlife adventures
~Honeymoons and Weddings
~Last minute booking of a trip

Lynne Glasgow offers years of high quality consulting with a very "quick grasp" of what you are looking for approach. The Scots never beat about the bush:

~Independent travel in South Africa - she can talk for hours!
~Tanzania and Botswana - visited nearly every lodge and camp
~Southern Africa in general

Elena Theodosiou is originally from South Africa and captures the qualities of "holding your hand" through booking a trip to Africa:

~South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana - the more gentle trips
~Indian Ocean Island and beaches
~Shopping for sculptures or jewelry

Szilvia Hegyi is extremely detailed and works diligently at offering a high level of service:

~AAC Signature Safari Programs
~Classic Wing Safari Programs to East and Southern Africa
~Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and more

Bill Rivard heads up the Operations department and has over 20 years of knowledge with air travel and logistics. He is unflappable when airline travel emergencies arise:

~A whizz at booking air arrangements.
~Offers sound advice on logistics of traveling in Africa
~Happy to discuss Namibia and Seychelles (his dream retirement)