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First Place Scenery: Matt Bays - Along the Zambezi River, we spotted these two elephants enjoying a stroll in the water. Magnificent animals in such a perfect setting! This truly captures the essence of Africa. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.Second Place Scenery: Kavita Aggarwal - While stopping for lunch in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, we watched this family of elephants head to the river for their afternoon drink.Third Place Scenery: Chris Donovan - An unforgettable last impression of Africa -- elephants in glorious sunset on our final night in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
Walter Diehl – Dust devils in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Dust devils were quite common at Amboseli, but these were some of the largest that we saw, large enough to see some of the internal structure of these heat-driven whirlwinds.Larry Zimny – What a perfect end to an amazing day in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park as we watched the sun set with our sundowners.Karen Knierim - This elephant was in the western Serengeti. I love this photo with the ubiquitous acacias. In fact, I liked it enough to use it as an idea for a water color painting!
Chris Donovan – Devil's Cataract, Victoria Falls. This glorious view of the lowest of the five falls, set a bit apart from the rest by Boaruka Island, is only possible from the Zimbabwe side of the falls.Jessica Loding – When you go on safari you never know what you will see. So I would say this sight was truly special. The cubs, the pose, the landscape – I don’t think it could have been better. Okavango Delta, Botswana.Bob Gandel – The stark contrast of Sossusvlei’s incredible dunes and the blue African sky.
Chris Donovan – Epic afternoon view of Lion Head and Cape Town from Table Mountain .... with a braver soul than me abseiling from the top.Walter Diehl – From a balloon ride at dawn over the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Wildebeest on the savannah, and the sunrise on this excursion, it was thrilling to get all three elements in the same photograph with such vivid colors.Lugena Wahlquist - Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue Island, Seychelles. The only way to reach this beach is by bike and then walking to this series of stunning beaches. One of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.
Leora Wollner - During the dry season, Kenya’s Lake Amboseli becomes a dusty, dry, lake bed. The giraffes have to cross the barren expanse to get food and water.Helen Reinhardt – Sundown is a magical time on safari. Sometimes it involves camaraderie and the sharing of stories. Or it can be a time for quiet reflection on the wonderful day. Serengeti, Tanzania.Randy Potts –This wounded zebra had been separated from the rest of the herd. It was looking bleak for the zebra until three other zebras came charging back and surrounded it and ran the hyenas away. It was a happy ending….at least for then.
Bryan Mehlhaff – My personal favorite is a panorama atop Big Daddy sand dune at Sossusvlei Camp in Namibia.Jessica Loding - We had received a radio call that there were 2 lion cubs nearby and I was very surprised and delighted to see them so perfectly posed on top of a termite hill. Chitabe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.Tami Thomsen – Sunrise at DumaTau Camp, on our last day there. It was like the camp was ‘daring’ us to leave. Certainly none of us wanted to! Linyanti Reserve, Botswana.
Lincoln Jong – No matter how many times you watch the migration on tv and in the movies, nothing prepares you for the amazing spectacle of thousands of animals crossing the plains of the Serengeti. Kirawira Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania.Helen Reinhardt – As the sun was going down our guide took us to an open area in the hope that some wildlife would line themselves up for a sunset picture. These two giraffes arrived at the perfect time. Serengeti, Tanzania.Bill Harker – Kwando Lebala’s floodplain is the ideal feeding ground for lechwe. The antelope is found throughout Botswana’s Okavango Delta.
Mary Ann Travis – It was taken in the Okavango Delta. We were staying at Little Kwara and had taken a late-afternoon boat ride through winding waterways and tall, beautiful grasses to a bird rookery. Following sundowners, we enjoyed this gorgeous sunset.Kay Jacobson - We were able to follow a large pack of wild dogs, thanks to Alex Cook, of Botswana's Natural History Film Unit. Alex had been in the Mombo area for sometime tracking and studying the habits of these wild dogs for a future film.Henry Thomsen – An amazing view of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain, what a way to start day 1 of our almost 3 week Southern Africa Safari trip. To think this is just the beginning.
Larry Quinn - The boat scene was at the lovely Palms Hotel on Zanzibar where we relaxed for a few days after our wonderful 6 week safari. Most of the folks were honeymooners and we celebrated our 35th anniversary earlier in the year.Randy Potts - On our second to last day in the Grumeti Reserve we were making our way back to Singita’s Faru Faru watching the rain clouds drift over the landscape. Then the clouds parted a bit and we were given this treat!Darlene Knott – At Vundu Camp in magical Mana Pools, we watched this herd of elephants in the Zambezi River while having tea with our guide, Henry. The view across the Zambezi to the escarpment is amazing!
Jennifer Steck – The picture of the church was taken on our travel day from Uganda to Rwanda, on the Uganda side of the border. The views are stunning the whole way.Randy Potts – While zebras were abundant everywhere we went, we never tired of seeing them. Their power, intelligence and sense of playfulness were often on display and they added an elegance to every landscape. Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania.Walter Diehl - Approaching sundown in a dusty region of Amboseli NP, Kenya. A small parade of elephants was moving away from a watering hole, as they ambled toward the failing sun, bathed in golden light refracted by the dust.
Tom LaPorta – The aerial shot is from a Cessna bush plane on route from Maun to Machaba Camp, Botswana. Talk about adding to the excitement and wetting one's appetite! A herd of elephants in the landscape below!Chris Swindal – Namiri means 'big cat' in Ma. And did it ever live up to its namesake! Everyday was filled with sensational big cat sightings and action. Namiri Plains Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania.Robert Schenker – This is ‘Dune 45’ in Sossusvlei, named because it is 45km from the Sesriem Gate. The dune is composed of 5-million-year-old sand and is a highlight when visiting this region of Namibia.
Jennifer Steck – Game viewing in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park was rewarding as we spotted some tree-climbing lions.Michael Shepard – This lone male oryx made his way through the Namib Desert during the heat of the day in search of water. He methodically made his way through the dunes and hills as if he has made this trip through the millennia.Walter Diehl – A dazzle of migrating zebras in Serengeti NP, Tanzania. Almost all of the zebras were oriented in the same direction and feeding with their heads down, adding both a sense of purpose and a touch of mystery to this photograph.
Mark Knott – Elephants feeding from island to island from Vundu Camp looking across the Zambezi with the Zambian Escarpment in the background....magical Mana Pools National Park.Les Bender - In Tarangire, Tanzania, the baobab tree and elephants are plentiful, yet what struck me was how this single elephant was next to this single tree, capturing the singularity and simplicity of the elements against the African vastness.Lisa Miller – We came across these two cheetahs surveying the Serengeti plains, looking for predators and prey.
Helen Reinhardt – The vistas in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park were fabulous. Seeing groups of elephants roaming freely was a highlight.Andrea Kiernan - Enjoying the magnificent view from the top of a bluff during our first sundowner at the Tarangire Treetops Lodge. The landscape of Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park is breathtaking.Barbara Lyndrup – TIA! ‘This is Africa!’ moment of a leopard resting in a jackleberry tree while the moon lit the night in yellow rays at Ngala Safari Lodge, Private Game Reserve, South Africa.
Brad Rutledge - We were in awe as we watched this migration of wildebeest and zebra crossing over the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti. It took an hour and a half for some ten thousand animals to cross. It was completely surreal.Kay Jacobson - One of the advantages of visiting Victoria Falls in low water season is that we were able to see the depth of this cavernous ravine into which they flow. And the river below was beautiful!Hulan Gilchrist – The picture was taken from the hill top Muchenje Safari Lodge, the sun set of Chobe National Park. It was such a special trip.
Bryan Mehlhaff – Herds of elephants enjoying the mud at Chobe National Park.Randy Potts – There are lots of reasons to stay out on safari as long as you can. Capturing a beautiful Africa sunset is one of them. Serengeti, Tanzania.Leora Wollner - What an awesome sight to see thousands of wildebeest in every direction near Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp. They were grazing during their migration from the Maasai Mara in Kenya south into the Serengeti in Tanzania.
Leora Wollner - We woke up early and while enjoying coffee, viewed this amazing sunrise from the lounge overlook at Serengeti Pioneer Camp in South Central Serengeti, Tanzania.Rob Grey – Sunset on the banks of the Khwai River on the Xakanaxa Lagoon. Camp Xakanaxa is in the heart of Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta and host to extraordinary water and land safaris.Jessica Loding – ‘Future king of the land!’ Thanks to our guide and driver, Luke, who quietly put us in the position to capture this image. Chitabe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Elissa Warantz – Sunset in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. It is Cecil’s pride and we had spent hours watching them that day, trying to catch prey coming to drink at a nearby pan.Bob Meyer – Taken during our descent of Cathedral Peak in South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains. We particularly like the depth of field in this photo.Doreen Lawrence – In Kenya’s Massai Mara Conservancy, I was able to capture this beautiful sunset photo of giraffes silhouetted against the setting sun. It was beautiful ending to a successful day of taking photos in the Maasai Mara.
Bryan Mehlhaff – Quiver Tree Forest in southern Namibia. It is comprised of over 250 quiver trees with the tallest ones estimated to be two to three hundred years old.Jennifer Feldman - The setting was perfect with the lighting, cluster of zebras in the foreground and the acacia tree centered in the background. Serengeti, Tanzania.Larry Zimny – An incredible view from our balloon as the sun rises on the Maasai Mara, Kenya.
Beverly Bounds – A spectacular sunset from our camp, Encounter Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya.Bob Meyer - This captures the stunning visual character of the Drakensberg Mountains. We enjoyed gorgeous weather. It seemed to be a Mediterranean climate and it reminded us of California's central coastal mountains.Harvey Shiffman – The image was taken outside Tanda Tula Safari Camp, the same night we had an amazing sighting of a white lioness . Timbavati Game Reserve, South Africa.
Karen Knierim – We drove for hours over bumpy dirt roads to get to see some of the Great Migration in the northern Serengeti! These zebras were part of the hundreds of thousands of animals we saw that day!Ariella Midolo – Acacia trees provide food and habitats for a variety of animals, from birds to giraffes. The long thorns are a defense mechanism to prevent giraffes from devouring the foliage.Dave Nelson – We did a sunrise balloon safari over the Serengeti and we flew low over a water hole filled with hippos, a pair of young male lions, hyenas and countless wildebeest. We could almost touch the vultures perched at the top of the trees.