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2017, Clients on Safari
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First Place Clients on Safari: Within an hour of their arrival at the Mana Pools airstrip, the Iglehart family has a close encounter with one of the famous bull elephants in the park. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.Second Place Clients on Safari: Linda and Skip Shipman and Alan and Diane Lutz just outside their Sahara desert camp in Morocco. ‘It was windy and getting worse. By the time we returned to camp everything was covered in sand and we had to retreat inside.’Third Place Clients on Safari: Holding up tree on walkway along Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – (Front to back) Rob, Andrea, Matt, Jared, Rich & Lori Goldman were relieved when the next family came by and took over holding the tree up.
Laurie and Gary Baum visit the Iliso Care Society in South Africa’s Kayalicha Township, ‘What a beautiful organization. We met the children and learned about the dedicated staff that do so much for the local community. It truly touched our hearts.’Sitting with guide Nick Murray, Matt Bays and Valerie McCarthy watched this elephant pull, wash, and eat grasses at the water edge. ‘We felt safe and at ease.’ Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.During their second day in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe it became clear Matt Bays and Valerie McCarthy would likely encounter many elephants.
Ann Blackman Putzel enjoys a game drive at Savanna Lodge in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, South Africa.Chimp trekking in Uganda’s Kibale Forest, Jodi Carrigan enjoys time with these wonderful primates.A group of passionate conservationists, led by Jodi Carrigan, stopped to put one foot in each hemisphere at the Uganda equator on their safari and primate adventure.
Jodi Carrigan and group visited The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International headquarters, Karisoke Research Center. DFGFI celebrated their 50th year of protecting gorillas. They do amazing work within the local communities and the forest.‘Brunch with Mr. Silverback’ - While Rusty and Patsy Duke were on a gorilla trek in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, their guide Francois took them very close to the silverback of the Muhoza Group.Larry Dutton enjoys sundowners with his wonderful guide, Tim at MalaMala Private Game Reserve.
Jennifer Feldman receives a warm welcome at a Maasai village. ‘The women let us borrow their necklaces and we bounced to rhythm, making sure the necklaces bounced as well, as is the traditional Maasai way.’Positioned for the ultimate photo, Bob Gandel treks rhino in Damaraland, Namibia. This desert reserve has a number freshwater springs that support a healthy population of animals including black rhino.Mattye and Bob Gandel in scenic Cape Town, South Africa. With Table Mountain as a backdrop, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa - if not the world.
One of the many highlights for the Rich Goldman family was time in the Okavango Delta and going out on mokoro canoes. Their guides used long poles to propel them through channels in the delta opened up by hippos and elephants traveling between islands.The pilot immediately made the Goldman family comfortable when she asked if any of them was nervous about flying on a small plane. ‘My nephew raised his hand and the pilot responded ‘don’t worry, so am I.’’Beginning the long trip back home, Matt, Rich, Rob, Lori Andrea & Jared Goldman wait on the Mana Pools airstrip for their scheduled charter flight to arrive. To their disappointment…it did.
While visiting an elementary school in Victoria, Zimbabwe, Lori and Rich Goldman share a contagious laugh with the students. ‘We were reminded that kids are kids wherever they live around the world.’An incredible day for the Goldman family in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. Front Row - Matt & Rob, middle row Lori, back row Jared and Andrea Goldman.Tracking rhino on foot at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia was such a thrilling safari highlight! Mother and daughter, Carol Greenberg and Traci Greenberg share that experience, which was truly priceless.
Eric Height and Rhonda Thorner are all smiles at the end of a day of game viewing in the Ngorongoro Crater. ‘There were so many animals including our only black rhino! We were elated, fascinated and exhausted.’Mother/daughter time in Zambia for Jane and Laura Hettrick. Sipping cocktails at sunset, on a small island in the middle of the Zambezi, surrounded by hippos. The Islands of Siankaba gave us memories of a lifetime...and one of their favorite photos.A pleasant interlude for the Iredell Iglehart family in a wooded area in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park with their intrepid guide Lewis.
The Lincoln Jong family on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater. ‘This is how family memories are made.’The Bruce Kehoe family had a wonderful safari adventure to Zimbabwe and Botswana including Mana Pools, Hwange, Linyanti Reserve, Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls.Sean, Andrea and Caitlin Kiernan enjoying our final sundowner of our Tanzanian trip. Great food and great views, but even more, great friends and a great country all discovered here on our safari.
The final day in Africa for the Kiernan family, in Tanzania’s Serengeti, many memories made and new friendships formed. ‘Our guide Hillary helped make this a trip of a lifetime for myself, Caitlin and Sean. Our smiles never wavered throughout our trip.’Andrea and Sean Kiernan and guide Hillary intently watching two rhinos off in the distance in the Ngorongoro Crater. ‘This was the position we were in most of the time, mesmerized and in awe of all we saw and experienced in Tanzania.’Scott and Karen Knierim say goodbye to their wonderful Tanzanian guide Daniel Nyamoga, after spending 10 days together. ‘He was an incredible guide and friend! He went out of his way to find wildlife for us and to educate us!’
Honeymooners Sophia and Brian Levin stopped for a leisurely lunch in the shade of an acacia tree in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater. They enjoyed a gourmet lunch surrounded by the wonder of Africa.Walking in the bush with Sylvester running free was one of the highlights for Jessica Loding. ‘To be so close to such a magnificent animal was truly amazing.’ Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.‘In my 60 years of traveling the world there is still no experience on the planet as awe inspiring as an African safari!’ Mother and daughter, Brigitte Long and Kimberly Long-Urbanetz, visit the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Kenya.
The smallest animals proved fascinating for six year old Caitlin Combs. She and her Kirkman's Kamp tracker Kholen put their heads together to capture the backward crawling ant lion. Her bug glass gave her a close up view of its tiny grasping mandibles.Three generations of the Barbara Lyndrup family on safari at Kirkman's Kamp in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve with six year old Caitlin and her ranger Brett.Six year old Caitlin Combs surveying her demesne from her tracker’s lookout perch at Kirkman’s Kamp in Sabi Sand.
Despite the fact that David and Cathy Maxwell were visiting Victoria Falls in September (the dry season) there was sufficient mist to soak them. ‘Can you imagine what it would be like in rainy season?’The Bryan Mehlhaff family on their epic adventure to Namibia and Botswana.Visiting a school in the town of Jabulani near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. After a tour of the primary and secondary schools, the Mendelson family got to play soccer with the kids using all the new soccer balls they brought them.
Bob and Gayle Meyer hike Cathedral Peak in South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains. ‘We departed at 6:20 A.M., but probably needed a 4:00 A.M. (or even earlier) start to realistically and safely summit and leave time for descent.’Visiting the Christel House South Africa, Bob and Gayle Meyer spend time with some of the students. CHSA serves Cape Town’s 20 poorest townships by transporting the 733 students to and from their schools that CH provides them.Bob and Gayle Meyer in an adult-size ‘picture frame’ on Robben Island, framing the landscape across Table Bay towards Cape Town and Table Mountain in the distance. ‘We were fortunate to have perfect weather.’
‘This was the best trip in Africa that I had taken and I was happy to share it with my family. Due to AAC’s excellent organization and Mkenda’s excellent knowledge and people’s skills the Milonas family had an unforgettable experience in Tanzania.’Leann Nash has a surprise while gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. ‘Up pops this male gorilla who watched us from the top of a tree. I would have sworn it was Photo-shopped but I can attest that it wasn’t.’Brothers Allen and Larry Neff have a thrill of a lifetime gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
Dave and Kristin Nelson visit a small village near Musanze, Rwanda. ‘The children were practicing the traditional Intore dancing and invited us to join the dance. The kids seemed to have as much fun watching us dance as we did doing it.’Gail Pehling celebrates a very special birthday at Kulala Adventurer Camp in Sossusvlei, Namibia. The cake was baked over an open camp fire and it was delicious!Towards the end of a morning safari ride at Kirkman’s, Nathaniel Pollard came across a Cape buffalo head. It had most likely been there for a few years and was probably an older buffalo. Sabi Sand, South Africa.
After taking some lousy selfies….Randy and Teri Potts finally took their guide up on helping them out so they had a great photo from their Tanzanian safari to send back home!Fran Powell spends time with Stevie, a 1 ½ year old vervet monkey at Tintswalo Lodge in South Africa. Stevie is 80% blind and other monkeys were picking on him so the camp came to his rescue. He was very gentle and sweet.Ray and Suzy Rhodes in their safari vehicle in the Maasai Mara of Kenya. The elephants in the background were enjoying a salt deposit they had found.
Pat Coles-Chalmers and Barbara Ruhs-Witzak during a visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. ‘It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.’No place lives in the moment like Africa. There are so many moments to celebrate on safari and the nightly sundowner pays homage to another glorious sunset. It was Michael and Collen Shepard’s first sundowner in Namibia. ‘We will return again and again.’Serena Sibbio spent time with the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania. ‘One of my favorite days in Africa. They were preparing for their hunt and making arrows. They only get to eat if they catch something. I'll never forget it.’
Contemplating infinity at Beho Beho in the Selous Game Reserve, Leah Snidman joins her parents on an epic Tanzanian safari to Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and ending in the Selous.During their time at Elephant Camp in Victoria Falls, Bob and Barbara Stepleman had an unforgettable walk with Sylvester through the bush. ‘It was an amazing adventure to be able to pet a cheetah.’The Kevin Swill family finds the perfect place to view a herd of Cape buffalo and enjoy some morning ‘bush’ coffee or hot bush chocolate and biltong. Tintswalo Manor House, South Africa.
Oh what joy Oakley Taylor felt when this baby gorilla tried to make it over her way! ‘Never once did I feel any fear; only exhilaration at the absolute ecstasy at seeing these beautiful creatures in their own environment.’ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.Beverly and Alfred Thomsen had just finished lunch at Duma Tau when their guide hollered that elephants had just started crossing the delta. He commandeered a small boat so they could ‘swim’ with them. Linyanti Reserve, Botswana.Mariarita Santi-Vicini visits Jack’s Camp in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert and has a delightful encounter with a family of habituated meerkats.
Stefano Vicini is used by a meerkat to get a higher vantage point to look for predators. Meerkats live in groups of 20-50 extended family members in large underground tunnels. Kalahari Desert, Botswana.Dave Wahlquist and the brown lemurs. ‘We had a chance to visit a sanctuary for former pet lemurs located just outside of the rainforest Andasible-Mantadia National Park in north eastern Madagascar. They weigh about as much as a heavy house cat.’The Maasai were very welcoming to Leora and Herb Wollner. They included them song and dance. This photo was taken at a Maasai Village near Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.
Kathy and Ron Wrobel were fortunate enough to be the only guests included in the releasing of two recently acquired male lions to the Phinda Game Reserve. A truly once in a lifetime experience! Phinda Forest Lodge, South Africa.Larry and Marilyn Zimny soak in the beauty of the Mara River in the northern Serengeti at a private bush breakfast under a sausage tree. Serian Serengeti North Camp, Tanzania.