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2016   -  2015   -  2014   -  2013

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2016, Winners
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1st Place Wildlife: Jean-Marie Girardot – It was an incredible experience walking with these wild dogs in Mana Pools. We stopped when they stopped and ran to see them after killing an impala and eating it in about 12 minutes.2nd Place Wildlife: Pam Katz - After six hours of strenuous hiking, we reached the Susa Family and captured this special moment of mother and baby. Volcanoes NP, Rwanda.3rd Place Wildlife: Stuart Hahn – Well hidden in the dense brush, this female leopard and her three young cubs where barely visible. When we got into position there was only a very small partially open clearing that allowed me to get this photo.
1st place Scenery: Margy Meyers –Two days in Chobe were filled with herds of beautiful animals and the experience of a lifetime. Chobe National Park, Botswana.2nd Place Scenery: Helen Reinhardt – On our flight between camps in the Okavango Delta we spotted these Cape buffalo. It was interesting that they chose to walk through the water rather than staying in the grassy area.3rd Place Scenery: Richard Szczepaniec – ‘Giraffe in the mist’. This photo was taken on an early morning drive in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
1st Place Clients on Safari: Nicholas and Silas Warren having fun playing in the moonlight at Seba Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.2nd Place Clients on Safari: The Michael Maloon family always looked forward to tea breaks on their Zambian walking safari.3rd Place Clients on Safari: Alenka Doyle meets Naledi, the elephant, face-to-face at Abu Camp in Botswana. It was an immediate friendship.
1st Place Birds: Stuart Hahn – The Bateleur Eagle is one of the more colorful of the African eagles. We were fortunate to have found this co operative example in good light.2nd place Birds: Eric Gurwin - The highlight at DumaTau was a Verreaux's Eagle Owl during the day perched on a branch and then flew directly towards us. As a rule, owls never fly towards you unless they are being baited so this was incredible!3rd Place Birds: Fred Stults – We spent two mornings in a photographic hide at a watering hole on the Mashatu Game Reserve. These two Green South African Pigeons were the first visitors to arrive.
1st Place People of Africa: Pam Katz – At the beginning of our 6 hour hike to see the Susa Family of gorillas in Rwanda. These boys were sitting on the mountainside, as their mother worked in the fields.2nd place People of Africa: Rebecca Hirschwerk - On an early morning hunt with the Hadzabe Bushmen near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania. This was an unbelievable experience for our family! The sights, the smells, and the action!3rd Place People of Africa: Philip Coonley - Adults and children alike seemed happy to watch tourists hiking up the forest of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park seeking the famed mountain gorillas who live above.